Storage Tips: Get Your Home Organized This Fall For Winter

Storage & Organizing Tips For Your Home

Get ready for fall, organize and declutter your home inside and out. Have a yard sale to purge the home of things you no longer want or better yet donate stuff to charity.

Plan. Don’t start your fall projects without thinking it out. Don’t take on too much and try to get your whole home in shape over the weekend. Focus on one task at a time. Pace yourself and set realistic goals with a flexible timeline.


The leaves are turning and now is the time to stow away your summer stuff and prepare for the winter. Store your deck furniture and garden tools in a shed to prevent rust or opt for a nearby storage unit.

  • Prepare your patio furniture for storage
  • Drain your garden hoses, faucets, and sprinkler system to prevent damage from ice and then stow away for winter.
  • Stow your lawnmower, motorcycle and ATV for winter. Before putting your machines in storage, properly prepare:
    1. The fuel tank. Some people run the engine down so that the fuel tank is dry. That doesn’t work. Your best bet is a full tank. Fill the tank with fresh, high-octane, ethanol free gas. Check your machine to follow recommended procedures and be sure to add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from breaking down.
    2. Deep clean your equipment before putting it in storage. Never store your machines until everything is dry inside and out to reduce rust and moisture. 
    3. Ensure your machines continue to run smoothly by changing out the oil during the off season.
    4. Lubricate chains and other necessary parts.
    5. Replace all filters.

  • Clean out the garage.The garage tends to be the dumping ground for anything that doesn’t fit its way into the refrigerator or your bedroom. Set aside a few weekends to clean out and organize your garage.
    1. Eliminate clutter, discard anything that is broken or no longer useful.  
    2. Make better use of the walls and ceiling space to store things. Ladders and bikes can be stowed overhead out of the way to make room for the car. 


  • Declutter and organize the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home. Space is always at a premium. Empty the contents of your pantry, freezer, and fridge to see what’s fresh and what isn’t. Give these storage areas a good cleaning before organizing them.

  • Declutter the bedroom. 
    1. Get rid of all the surface clutter! The first step is to declutter your bedroom by removing all the stuff on your dressers and nightstands. 
    2. Thoroughly clean everything. Top to bottom, from the ceiling to the floor. 
    3. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom.
    4. Remove unnecessary décor to make the bedroom more comforting and clutter-free.

  • Clean out your closet / dresser drawers and then purge.
    1. Be selective what you put back in dressers and closet. Keep only your most essential items and a few carefully selected items. 
    2. Purge things you haven’t worn in a few years and give away those things to friends or donate to charity.
    3. Make closet space for seasonally-appropriate clothes
    4. Invest in storage bins that can fit under the bed or better yet rethink your bedroom furniture. Add trunks and other furniture that can stow stuff.

  • Organize and declutter the basement. Factor in a few weeks to clean, categorize and then organize your space properly.
    1. Before you get started, plan out what goes where.
    2. Stow items by category or season so you can easily access things when you need them. 
    3. Create a floor plan as to where shelves will be built, and hooks and pegs for tools and such. 
    4. Protect your valuables from basement flooding. Maximize your storage space by going vertical with shelves.
  • Organize your digital world.
    1. Get rid of apps you no longer use. 
    2. Group your mobile apps by category into folders so they are easy to find. 
    3. Remove duplicate photos and documents to make it easier to navigate your data.  
    4. Free up data space by uninstalling any software you no longer use. 
    5. Backup your computer files and digital photos.Save your files to a cloud-based platform, like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Make being organized a lifestyle change. Start each day by cleaning, organizing and purging things you no longer need. Your home will be more spacious and stress free. 

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