How To Prepare and Store Patio Furniture For The Winter

Outdoor furniture is durable but susceptible to damage from sun, heat, water and freezing rain.


Storage space is pretty scarce these days. Autumn is a great time to get your outdoor furniture ready for storage. 

Outdoor furniture is durable but is susceptible to damage from the elements of sun, heat, water and freezing rain. Proper care can make your outdoor furniture last for summers to come.

What’s the best way to store the patio furniture for the season?  Follow these simple, smart steps to preserve your valuables.

  1. Whether it’s wood, iron, aluminum or plastic, make sure it’s clean before you store patio furniture.
  2. Wash your wood and wicker furniture with an oil soap and let it dry completely. Wood furniture is susceptible to moisture and is best stored indoors.
  3. Plastic furniture may crack in freezing temperatures, metal furniture will rust if not properly protected and stored. Use a protective wax to shield furniture from moisture and cold.
  4. Carefully clean your fabric cushions with soapy water and make sure they are completely dry prior to storing. Store them indoors. Place them in a plastic bin or bag with a tight closure so insects and animals cannot make their homes in them.
  5. Outdoor furniture stores best under a protective cover help protect it from the elements whether indoors or outdoors to protect it from dust, debris and moisture. Don’t forget to protect your fire pits and chimineas.

Check your manufacturer’s directions or website for details on what maintenance your outdoor furniture requires. Check out DIY videos on YouTube for super easy instructions. 

Make sure the grill is cleaned thoroughly. Use a wire brush or steel wool to clean off any cooked-on food or grease. Also, remove and properly dispose of ash and charcoal before storing.

No room in the garage to store the patio furniture or grill?  Here’s how:

  • Stack patio furniture chairs on top of one another to gain extra storage space. 
  • Take the time to remove the patio table legs to optimize your storage unit. Then put all the table leg screws and nuts in a plastic bag and attach it to the table so they won’t get lost.
  • Fold and cover umbrellas prior to placing them in the storage.

If you are going to store your gill in storage, Do NOT store the propane tank in your unit.  Disconnect the tank and store it outside of your home in an upright position away from dryer and furnace vents and high traffic areas.

No room in the garage to store outdoor furniture? Maximize your storage space by storing other seasonal items such as lawn tools, bikes and holiday decorations.


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