Self Storage Tips: How to Organize & Maximize Your Closet Space

Create order from all the chaos in your life. There is one place in your space that is a constant source of clutter. The closet. 

Organize and maximize your closet space to declutter your life. Maintaining a clutter free closet is an ongoing commitment. Once you’ve got it under control, it’s simply keeping on top of it day to day. 

Follow these space-saving tips to organize and maximize your closet space. 

Empty & Categorize Your Clothes 

Empty out your closet and sort everything in piles. Hats, gloves, shirts, socks, sweaters, shoes all need to be separated. This project may take a few days so plan ahead so you have ample time to get it done.

  • Put all your clothes in a space room while you take on this assignment. Give yourself a solid week to complete this project from start to finish. 
  • Sort out clothes that you no longer wear, are now too tight, out of style, stained or torn and donate those items to charity. 
  • Keep ‘like’ items together. This will help you find that shirt when you want to wear it. 

Deep Clean Your Closet 

Thoroughly clean, dust and vacuum out your closet. Again, plan ahead as you may need several days to complete this project.  

Plan Out Your Closet Space

To help plan your new closet space follow these super simple steps.

One: Measure the closet area (length, width, depth and height).

Two: Research online closet system designs to help you determine the best plan for your space. 

Three: Once you’ve planned out your new space, go out and get the materials to pull it all together. 

  • Velvet hangers and a mix of storage bins are great options to start with. 
  • Organize your wardrobe by color. 
  • To create more space consider relocating items such as jewelry, belts, ties, and shoes.
  • Maximize vertical storage space for items such as shoes if possible.
  • Organize your shoes by type—flats, sandals, sneakers and boots. Flats and sandals can fit in cubbies, while sneakers and dress shoes fit nicely on shelves. 
  • Keep all your purses together, perhaps on the top shelf of your closet or on hooks.
  • Group shorter hanging garments together, such as blouses and skirts. This will create more space on the floor below for another closet rod or storage bins. 

Still need more space? 

Consider putting seasonal clothing in a self storage unit. Self storage is a low cost, convenient solution to create more space in your home. 

Remember, creating clutter free space is an ongoing endeavor. Constantly consider what stays and what goes and what can be safely stowed in self storage. 

Montgomery Self Storage has all the boxes and packing materials you’ll need on site. Not sure what size self storage units you need, check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for help. 

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