Declutter The Garage & Basement In Five Easy Steps 

Oh my, you’ve finally decided to tackle the garage. The garage or basement tends to be a repository for most everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. Most projects fail due to poor planning.  Break the project down in phases. Each phase may take several days, knowing this in advance will help you […]

Pack Like A Pro: Storage Guide For Clothes & Shoes

Moving can be overwhelming, follow these and helpful tips to make the process less stressful. Plan ahead and start packing up your stuff early so you don’t wind up jamming up boxes at the last moment. WHAT TO KEEP & WHAT TO LET GO Before boxing things up, take everything out of your closet and […]

Do-It-Yourself: Space-Saving Solutions & Storage Ideas

Don’t have enough storage in your home? Here are just a few creative ways you can maximize space with these super smart solutions and ideas to make the most of your living space.  Think outside the box, repurpose your everyday items to get yourself organized with these DIY ideas to create more space in your […]

Dollar Store Storage Savers: Organize & Maximize Space 

Nowadays there are lots of inexpensive storage space savers to help you get your stuff organized. Maximize your space with this super smart items:  Shower Storage CaddyShower organizers work well in organizing your bathroom keeping it both clean and clutter-free. Expandable Pot Lid OrganizerDesigned for easy stacking to store pot lids, dishes, plates, etc. Vertical […]

Packing Your Self Storage Unit: Have A Plan 

Storing stuff can be stressful, start with a plan. Once you’ve determined what is going to storage, plan on what goes where.  Follow these ten super smart tips to make the most of your storage space. Place the most frequently used items near the front of your storage unit. This makes it easy to assess […]

Preparing For The Move: Helpful Moving Tips 

Follow these helpful tips to reduce the amount of work and stress to make the process run a bit smoother.  FIRST, DRAFT A MOVING CHECKLIST: Set a budget Track expenses Make a list of who you need to notify: If renting, review your lease agreement and notify your landlord. Contact your new landlord or realtor […]

Why Self Storage Is The Answer: Benefits & Tips

SELF STORAGE IS THE ANSWER Pandemic, inflation, let’s face it we are all looking for ways to make the most of these trying times. For many we simply don’t have enough space for our loved ones and all that stuff we’ve accumulated.  Every square foot of our space needs to be maximized. The problem is […]

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