Self-Storage Tips for Mowers, Motorcycles and ATVs


We all are challenged with finding space for all our outdoor tools and boy toys. The garage simply can’t store all your stuff, not to mention the car. 

As summer winds down, we all need to get ready for winter. Self storage is the solution to storing your lawn mower and yard tools for the winter. It’s clean, convenient and low cost. 

Store your machine in an indoor storage unit or outside unit. Keep your equipment protected and secure during the off season.

Follow these helpful tips to store your equipment properly. Avoid expensive repair bills down the road by storing your mower, motorcycle or ATV properly.

Storing your equipment outside will definitely shorten the lifespan for two reasons:

  1. The Sun will work on the exterior of your equipment, over time it will wear down the paint and plastic parts making them susceptible to cracking/breaking. Notably engine covers, not good.
  2. Moisture collects around every part of your equipment, often pooling in areas that eventually cause rust and over time damage your mower, motorcycle or ATV.

Many self storage facilities have drive up units that make it easy to store your machines during the winter months. Simply pull up, drive in and you’re done.  


Before putting your machines in storage, it’s best to properly prep for storage. 

The fuel tank.

Over time, fuel gets old and begins to break down and will gum up the carburetor and the fuel system. This leads to your machines not running right and eventually breaking down.

Some people run the engine down so that the fuel tank is dry. That doesn’t work. Your best bet is a full tank. Fill the tank with fresh, high-octane, ethanol free gas. Check your machine to follow recommended procedures and be sure to add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from breaking down.

Clean The Machine

Deep clean your equipment before putting it in storage. Never store your machines until everything is dry inside and out to reduce rust and moisture. 

For lawn mowers be sure to clean grass clippings on top of and below the mower deck. Dead grass attracts moisture. Eventually the grass will eat through paint and metal, potentially causing real damage.

Perform Routine Maintenance Before Storing

  • Change the oil. Ensure your machines continue to run smooth by changing out the oil during the off season.
  • Inflate the tires. Tires tend to lose air over time. When tires go flat, the weight of the machine  presses down on the rim — which can damage the tires. 
  • Check the hoses and lines for leaks.
  • Lubricate chains and other necessary parts.
  • Replace the air filter.

Cover Equipment 

Put a lightweight tarp or a breathable fabric such as an old cotton sheet over your mower, motorcycle or ATV for added protection from dust, dirt, water and other contaminants.  

Keep Your Battery Charged

Batteries drain over time. Some people like to run the mower for 5-10 minutes every once in a while, to keep everything in good shape. That’s not a good idea as the battery will actually have less of a charge and form condensation. If you’re going to run it, let it run for at least 1/2 hour.

Charge the battery up a few times over the winter or get a battery charger.

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