Basements, both finished and unfinished, tend to become the catch-all storage area for everything from holiday decorations to most everything else. 

Get Organized: Declutter Your Basement

Organizing the basement is a big project, plan accordingly. Factor in a few weekends to clean, categorize and then organize your space properly. 

Remove Everything First
First you’ll need to remove everything from the basement. Stage items in your garage or set up a tarp to protect your valuables while you begin to clean things up. 

  • Get it right. While cleaning, be sure to carefully inspect the walls and floor for mold, leaks or any evidence of pests. 
  • You may have to waterproof the basement, with a sealing paint so water won’t seep in. 
  • Be sure to block up any holes in the walls or floor so that insects and rodents can’t find their way into your home. 

Sort Things Out with The Three-Box Method
While clearing out the basement, use the Three-Box Method to sort things out. 

  • One box is for items you plan on keeping.
  • The second box is items you no longer need or want. You can sell or donate these items to charity. 
  • And the third box is for stuff you plan on throwing out.

Plan Out What Goes Where
Now make a plan for what goes where. Stow items by category or season so you can easily access things when you need them. 

  • Create a floor plan as to where shelves will be built, install clothing racks, and hooks and pegs for tools and so on. 
  • Utilize the space under the stairs. Make the most of this storage area by adding floating shelves to store things. 
  • Repurpose old cabinets, dressers and other furniture for storage.

Go Vertical With Shelves
Protect your valuables from basement flooding. Maximize your storage space by going vertical with shelves.

  • Measure your space to determine what size shelving it can accommodate.
  • Invest in either plastic or metal shelves as they are best at withstanding heat, humidity and water damage. Wood can break down over time.

Store Items in Plastic Airtight Containers 
Unless you have a finished basement you’ll have to contend with humidity, moisture and pests. Not an ideal space to store your valuables. 

Consider that cardboard boxes break down over time and attract insects that nest inside. Invest in clear, plastic storage containers instead. Be sure to label your containers so you’ll be able to find your items readily. 

Storing clothes in the basement? Look for sturdy, hanging clothes organizers and for delicate items plastic, zippered garment bags are a good solution to protect your clothing. 

Commit To Continually Declutter  
Now that your basement is organized, take steps to keep it that way. Plan on cleaning your basement out every fall and spring to mitigate clutter being built up over time. 

Need More Space? Consider Self Storage
Clutter is not just the stuff in your home, it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. Self storage is a convenient, low cost solution to create more space in your home.  

Montgomery Self Storage has all the boxes and packing materials you’ll need on site. Not sure what size self storage units you need, check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for help. 

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