Storage Tips: Declutter Your Bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom is a positive step towards getting your life back in order. Create a living space that is open and spacious. 

Storage Tips: Declutter Your Bedroom
Storage Tips: Declutter Your Bedroom

Simplify In Stages

Simplifying your space is a process, the best way to get it done is in stages so it’s not overwhelming. 

  1. Start by decluttering.
    Spend a few minutes each day simply tidying up the room.
  2. Create a routine.
    Make your bed and create a habit of picking up any dirty clothes off the floor and around the room.
  3. Clear off all furniture surfaces.
    Put things away where they belong. Put your coat, keys, bag and other essentials in the closet or dresser bureau.
  4. Invest in baskets and trunks.
    Create space and harmony in your bedroom with simple baskets and trunks to stow away your clothes.
  5. Organize dressers and drawers.

Sort your dresser drawers using the Four-Box-Method:

  • First box is for items you plan to keep.
  • The second box is for things you plan on donating or selling.
  • The third box is for items that need to be stored.
  • And lastly the fourth box is for things to trash. 

If you haven’t worn something in at least six months or it no longer fits, find someplace else to store it. Once you’ve sorted things out, fold your clothes into small rectangles and place them face-up in the dresser drawers. That way you can easily locate that  item when you want it.

Declutter Your Closets

Closets are havens for clutter! Pull everything out of the closet and then get everything professionally cleaned. Repeat the Four-Box-Method and decide what stays and what goes. Lay out all your clothes so you can easily see what you have. 

Now take this opportunity to wipe down shelves and surfaces that rarely get cleaned. 

Invest in felt hangers and smart storage boxes for sweaters and shoes. Get plastic containers so that your clothes are in an acid-free environment. Then properly hang or store your wardrobe back in the closet. 

Put your most-worn items in easily accessible spots, and then organize things by color, season, or occasion.

Remove Items That Don’t Belong

Remove or put away any personal / household items that don’t belong in the bedroom. Things like workout gear, your desk and the television. Each room in your home should have form and function. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom to create a serene-spacious atmosphere. Less is more, opt for smaller or vertical dressers to create more openness in the room. 

Need more space? Invest in beds and furniture with built-in storage. Add an upholstered bench at the end of the bed so you have a place to sit when putting on your shoes that can also hold those shoes or anything else that you need space for.

Consider Self Storage

Decluttering your space gives you a sense of calmness and serenity, for many self storage is a low cost, convenient solution.  

Montgomery Self Storage has all the boxes and packing materials you’ll need on site. Not sure what size self storage units you need, check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for help. 

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