For many, we simply don’t have enough space. Self storage is a low cost, convenient solution to storing seasonal items that helps create more space.

Sadly, many of us don’t have any space in our garage’s for anything much less the car. The garage is the go to space to toss anything that doesn’t fit in the house. The garage is the repository for bikes, seasonal pool gear, the snow blower, garden tools, and odd things that simply don’t have a place in the house. 


Start off by hauling everything outside to the driveway. This project may take a few days or a couple of weeks depending on any unexpected emergencies that take you away from getting the garage sorted. 

Plan on tarping your stuff outside in the event inclement weather should rain down on your project. Once everything has been removed from the garage, sort stuff out. Make three piles or have three containers for items you plan on:

  • Keeping
  • Donating to charity or selling.
  • And finally stuff you plan on tossing out. 

Upon sorting it all out, ask yourself, “Do I really need this, when was the last time I used this?” Tech stuff quickly becomes outdated, so do your tastes. Remember the end game is getting the car back in the garage. 

Don’t hang on to things you have duplicates of. If you still have a significant amount of items that you still use, need, or that have sentimental value – consider stowing it in self storage. 

Toxic chemicals, old paint cans, dead car batteries, cleaning products, fertilizers, and waste oil all need to be disposed of properly. Needless to say, these toxins are dangerous. Take the time to responsibly dispose of these items. 

Now that everything is sorted, create a layout of how you plan on stowing things back in the garage. 


Divide the space into zones, stowing like things together. Keep your automotive items in one area, cleaning products in another, and then add shelves and storage bins to keep things organized. Zones make it much easier for you to find a specific item. 

Think about how to use the entire space, bicycles and garden tools can hang on a wall. Designate a space for every item that you’ve decided to keep, whenever possible keep stuff off the floor.

Sports equipment like bats, rackets, and hockey sticks can easily be organized by storing them in a large garbage can. It is simple, smart, and an inexpensive solution to keep your stuff organized. 

Please don’t underestimate how big a project cleaning out your garage truly is.
The process can be overwhelming. Plan on setting aside a week or two to do it right the first time. Factor in having to sideline the project for unexpected priorities that often arise in our lives. With proper planning you’ll be truly happy with the end results. 


Decluttering has to become an ongoing part of your lifestyle. Plan on regularly purging the garage to ensure things don’t get out of hand. 

For many, we simply don’t have enough space. Self storage is a low cost, convenient solution to storing seasonal items that helps create more space. 

Need advice on storage space?  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

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