Get Your Self Storage Unit Ready for Fall

Ensure that your valuables are in good condition, while in storage during the fall and winter months.

As we approach the cool, crisp weather of Autumn, now is the perfect time to pull things out for the winter and stow away seasonal summer items such as your patio furniture, the lawn mower, and pool gear. 

Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your valuables are in good condition, while in storage during the fall and winter months.


Out of sight, out of mind. As you prepare for fall and winter, go to your unit (or secure one) and assess what you have in storage and what you will be stowing away for the winter months. Are there any issues with your unit? Don’t hesitate to stop in to discuss with your Storage Unit Manager, they will mitigate the problem right away. 


Autumn is the perfect time to get the house ready for winter.  Stow away your patio furniture, pool accessories and summer gear in preparation for winter. Make room in the garage by stowing your lawn mower, lawn tools and equipment and other summer stuff. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to drain the tanks of gas, oil and other flammable liquids before placing them into storage.

Follow these important storage tips when storing your vehicles:

  • Drain as much fuel from the tank as possible
  • Disconnect the battery. 
  • Make sure the tires are inflated.
  • Have your vehicles serviced before storing (flush and fill brake fluid and coolant). 
  • Cover your vehicles to prevent debris and mold from damaging your prized possessions. 

Follow these simple, smart steps to preserve your patio furniture for the season. 

  1. Whether it’s wood, iron, aluminum or plastic, make sure it’s clean before you store patio furniture.
  2. Wash your wood and wicker furniture with an oil soap and let it dry completely. Wood furniture is susceptible to moisture and is best stored indoors.
  3. Plastic furniture may crack in freezing temperatures, metal furniture will rust if not properly protected and stored. Use a protective wax to shield furniture from moisture and cold.
  4. Carefully clean your fabric cushions with soapy water and make sure they are completely dry prior to storing. Store them indoors. Place them in a plastic bin or bag with a tight closure so insects and animals cannot make their homes in them.
  5. Outdoor furniture stores best under a protective cover help protect it from the elements whether indoors or outdoors to protect it from dust, debris and moisture. Don’t forget to protect your fire pits and chimineas.


Pack away all of your student’s extra belongings so you can turn that bedroom into an office or an in-home gym. And, when they come home between semesters you can take what you need out of storage. 

Advantages of Self Storage for College Students

  • Flexibility: Short term or long term, most self storage facilities offer flexible month-to-month leasing without the hassle of a long-term commitment. 
  • Security: Have peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe and secure.
  • Space: Dorm rooms are cramped. Many students simply don’t have enough space for their off season clothing or other belongings. 
  • Savings:  The cost and inconvenience of moving the stuff to and from home between semesters and over the summer for four – to who knows how many – years will far exceed the cost of storage.
  • Multiple Size Units: Big or small, self storage facilities have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available. Furniture, mattresses, kitchen items, bedding and linens, textbooks and supplies, and seasonal clothing can easily go in self storage.

There is bound to be a self storage facility close to campus, which makes it really convenient. No need to pack up and drive back and forth with all that stuff.  Stow away things like bicycles, the kayak, school furniture and whatever else you don’t want back at the house! 


Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes Christmas are right around the corner. Pull out your holiday decorations and get busy making the house look festive for the holidays. Woo hooo! 

While at your unit, locate your winter gear and take it back home. Now that you’ve made room you can bring the snow-blower, shovels, snow skis and all the seasonal stuff you’ll need for winter. 

Transitioning from summer to winter is a snap when you plan ahead. Self storage is a low cost, convenient and stress free way to make more space in your home  year round. Don’t stress, put your valuables in self storage. It’s a clean, convenient low cost solution that helps create more space in your home. 

Montgomery Self Storage is a family run business. They are on the premises where your valuables are stored. They routinely look after your valuables and monitor the storage units with 24/7 security cameras. 

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