Do-It-Yourself: Space-Saving Solutions & Storage Ideas

Don’t have enough storage in your home? Here are just a few creative ways you can maximize space with these super smart solutions and ideas to make the most of your living space. 

Think outside the box, repurpose your everyday items to get yourself organized with these DIY ideas to create more space in your home.

  • Use Eyeglass Case for Storing Wires
    We all have a thousand cords for our phones, watches, tablets, speakers, etc.
  • Toy Organizer
    Get an inexpensive collapsible laundry basket to gather all your kid’s soft toys. It’s compact but flexible enough to fit most everything.
  • Ice Cube Tray to Organize Earrings
    Ice cube trays are great for organizing small things like earrings. You can also use ice cube trays for organizing rings, and necklace chains so they won’t tangle together easily.
  • All Your Muffin Tins in One Basket
    Eliminate the noisy clang of looking for muffin tins by storing them efficiently and elegantly in a rattan storage basket.
  • Repurpose An Old Dresser Drawer
    Use an old dresser drawer to stow clothes under the bed. Get creative and fashion a top on the drawer to double as a nightstand.
  • Picture Frame Key Holder
    Easy DIY project to turn an unused picture frame into a key holder. Screw eye hooks into the frame to hang all your keys in one place. Elegant and inexpensive.
  • Painted Wood Creates Make Great Shelves
    Paint wooden boxes or crates and create rustic, space saving shelving. 
  • Pool Tube (Noodles) Make Excellent Shoe & Boot Forms 
    Use an exacto blade to cut down a pool noodle, insert the foam tubes into your boots to keep them standing straight. This will maintain the form of your boot, extending the life as well. Match colors of the foam tubes can also help you keep pairs of boots together.
  • Wall-Mounted Bathroom Basket Shelves
    Get some inexpensive wicker baskets and mount them to a bathroom wall above the sink or near the bathtub. These baskets can store anything from towels to toiletries and keep useful items within arm’s reach. The wicker styling adds a casual style element that is reminiscent of the beach or cottage chic, and the color can be changed with paint as needed. Baskets also are great to get your linens and towels organized. 

Now that you’ve got the idea, think of more storage saving ways to create more space in your home. 

Still need more space? 

For many of us, there just isn’t enough available space in our home for everything we own. Savvy folks are realizing that self storage eliminates the need to move to a larger apartment or opt for an expensive office lease. It’s economical to use storage facilities, as people are increasingly living in tighter quarters. 

Storage facilities offer units of varying sizes that can meet your unique needs. It’s easy to upgrade from a small unit to a larger one — and vice versa. Self-storage will free up space, making your home more livable. 

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