Storage Tips: Use Self Storage to Transition from Summer to Fall

 Keep your valuables safe by storing them in self storage.

It’s that time of year when summer turns to fall and swimsuits change to sweaters. Save space at home by placing your pool toys, summer clothes and jet ski in self storage for the winter. 

Follow these easy, stress free tips to stow away your summer stuff as we get ready for the winter months. 

Store Your Canoe, Kayak and Waterboat for Winter.

Put all your backyard grill, outdoor patio furniture, pool toys, and beach umbrellas away to make space for fall. 

Tips for Storing Pool supplies:

  • Be sure to fully dry and clean all your stuff before storing them. Mold and mildew will grow on damp equipment. Towel dry everything off before storing it or better yet give everything a few days to air dry prior to storing. 
  • Use vinegar to clean pool equipment to easily remove dirt and use bleach to scrub set in stains.
  • Make sure to store pool chemicals in plastic containers so that they do not leak onto other valuables in your storage unit. Never stack pool chemicals on top of one another, as that may cause the plastic to become brittle and crack. 

Make Room for Fall & Winter: Put Your Summer Clothes in Storage

Place your Hawaiian shirts and swim suits in storage to make room for your comfy wool sweaters and blankets for the cold winter months ahead. Make sure you properly label boxes and bins so that you can easily access items once summer rolls around again. 

Cleaning out crowded closets: what to store and what to get rid of? 

  • Declutter your space, consider donating items that you haven’t worn for a few seasons. That way you don’t have to store as much.
  • Always leave an aisle in your storage unit so you can easily access anything whenever you may need something. 
  • Create a map of what’s where and be sure to label boxes on all sides. 
  • Keep summer clothes wrinkle-free with garment boxes.
  • Protect lightweight bedding by storing in plastic bins to make sure everything stays fresh.

Protect Lawn & Garden Stuff for Fall

Properly stow your lawnmower and garden tools for fall so you can make room for your snow blower and shovels for winter. 

How to Winterize your Lawn Mower.

  • Remove spark plugs and battery.
  • Drain the gas tank and keep the flammable liquid somewhere cool, dry and safe.
  • Clean off any debris, both on top and under the mower deck.
  • Fill other fluids to the top.

Stow Vehicles to Protect from Winter Weather

Reclaim lost storage space in your garage by storing away your sporting gear in self storage to make space for your car. If you need more space, put your ragtop convertible, motorcycle and vintage roadster in storage for the winter months. Most storage centers offer drive up storage units so you can safely protect your vehicle from winter weather till spring.

Motorcycle & Car Storage
Most motorcycles can fit in a 5 ft. by 10 ft. unit. Trucks and most SUVs can fit in a 10 ft. by 20 ft. storage unit. , but some may require larger spaces.

Follow these important storage tips when storing your vehicles:

  • Drain as much fuel from the tank as possible
  • Disconnect the battery. 
  • Make sure the tires are inflated.
  • Have your vehicles serviced before storing (flush and fill brake fluid and coolant). 
  • Cover your vehicles to prevent debris and mold from damaging your prized possessions. 

Transitioning from summer to winter is a snap when you plan ahead. Self storage is a low cost, convenient and stress free way to make more space in your home  year round.

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