College is chaotic, storing your kid’s stuff shouldn’t be a problem. Students have enough to worry about, hauling and storing their stuff should be a no brainer.

College students are in a constant state of flux. Every fall they haul their stuff to college and every summer it winds up back at home. Self storage is the solution. 

Alleviate the stress for your student and everyone else. No one gets excited about having to find space every summer for your kids stuff. The basement and garage are already cluttered as it is. 


  • Flexibility: Short term or long term, most self storage facilities offer flexible month-to-month leasing without the hassle of a long-term commitment. 
  • Security: Have peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe and secure.
  • Space: Dorm rooms are cramped. Many students simply don’t have enough space for their off season clothing or other belongings. 
  • Savings:  The cost and inconvenience of moving the stuff to and from home between semesters and over the summer for four – to who knows how many – years will far exceed the cost of storage.
  • Multiple Size Units: Big or small, self storage facilities have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available. Furniture, mattresses, kitchen items, bedding and linens, textbooks and supplies, and seasonal clothing can easily go in self storage.

On many college campuses parking can be expensive, underclassmen may not be permitted to have a vehicle on campus at all! Store your car or motorcycle nearby in a storage facility. 

For college students who have graduated and are starting a new phase of life, renting a self storage unit is also a good idea. Storing your belongings nearby can be the solution for small apartments or until you can find your own place. That way you don’t have to move items any great distance and you can access your unit anytime you need something. 

Selecting A Storage Facility

  • A facility in a safe, convenient location.
  • A clean and well-maintained facility.
  • Drive up access makes unloading and loading belongings less hectic.
  • Store your vehicle safely in a self storage unit. 
  • Well lit property.
  • On site manager, family owned and operated is ideal. 
  • Perimeter fencing.
  • Twenty-four hour video surveillance.
  • A disc or cylinder lock that is resistant to tampering.

Free up space at home so the home is stress free with lots of space. Most families need more space and have already converted the spare bedroom into an office or exercise room. Let’s face it we all need more space these days, self storage is clean, convenient and a low cost solution for you and your college student.

With a wide range of different sized storage options and year round access available, Montgomery Self Storage has a solution for needs. Montgomery Self Storage is a family run business with 24/7 video surveillance around the entire facility.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: No worries, call us to rent a unit. We’ll do everything over the phone. All Units are cleaned and ready for storage. Give us a call.

About Montgomery Self Storage
Please stay safe during your move. Montgomery Self Storage follows state and federal guidelines for social distancing and sanitation. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority. We clean each unit and sanitize all locks prior to renting our units.

Montgomery Self Storage can rent you a unit by leaving your lock and contract in your unit. Simply sign and drop off your papers and payment. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone who rents a unit.

Montgomery Self Storage is a family run business. They are on the premises where your valuables are stored. They routinely look after your valuables and monitor the storage units with 24/7 security cameras.

Montgomery Self Storage offerings indoor and outdoor units. They are conveniently located right off of route 84 and route 17K just minutes from Stewart Airport in the village of Montgomery. The community is super safe as are your valuables.

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