Self storage is a lifesaver. Nowadays, folks are looking to downsize, declutter, and simplify their lives. Here are the top four reasons self storage is the solution.


Pandemic, inflation, let’s face it we are all looking for ways to make the most of these trying times. For many we simply don’t have enough space for our loved ones and all that stuff we’ve accumulated. 

Every square foot of our space needs to be maximized. The problem is that there is just not enough room for all the things we possess. 


One: Self storage is an affordable, low cost solution.

Home prices and rents are out of control. Self storage provides an affordable, low cost solution. Place valuables in self storage, where they will be protected from damage or loss.

  •   Season items like holiday ornaments, winter clothes, summer clothes, patio furniture, the kayak and the beach umbrella can be safely stowed during the off season.
  •   Motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers all can be stowed away to create more space at home.
  • Family heirlooms such as baby pictures, special toys or beloved albums that you can’t part with can be placed in storage.
  •   Records & Files: Bills, medical records, legal documents and important files that can’t be shredded or discarded can be stowed in storage.

Two: It’s hassle-free with no long term commitments or contracts.

Self storage agreements are typically month to month with no penalties for moving out. In fact, many facilities will prorate your lease so you only pay for the time you are there. 

Three: Convenient access 24/7.

Self storage is a convenient and super easy, stress free solution to create more space at home. Many storage facilities have drive up storage units that you can access, any time, any day to easily drop off items and pick up stuff you need.  

Four: Peace of mind, 24/7 video surveillance. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your unit is monitored by a closed-circuit video surveillance system. Units typically have pest control services, are will lit, with units that are super clean. 



Never store food items or combustible materials such as solvents and paints in your storage unit. Perishables attract rodents and insects and combustibles may combust. 


Stow items that you may need to access often in the front of the unit. And be sure to create a walkway down the center of your unit so you can get to anything you may need. 


Make sure you label your storage boxes on all sides so you can easily identify what is where. Also create an inventory of your stored items as well as their location to make it easy to find what you need.


Place your furniture and appliances on pallets to protect against the changing temperature of the concrete floors. Moisture may seep up and damage your valuables, so be sure to elevate your valuables to ensure they are safe. 


Use uniform size boxes for easy stacking. Any box you use should be strong enough to hold 25 to 30 lbs.  Fill each box completely:

  • Fill the entire box but not all with heavy materials so that it won’t be too difficult to carry.
  • Use packing material like newspaper or bubble wrap to fill in the gaps. This will prevent the top or sides from crushing. 
  • Fill the box with the heavy items first and then fill it to capacity with lighter items.
  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard, marked “Fragile” and stacked on end. 

Store your mower, motorcycle or ATV properly. Keep your equipment protected and secure to avoid expensive repair bills down the road. Be sure to put a lightweight tarp or a breathable fabric such as an old cotton sheet over your equipment for added protection from dust, dirt, water and other contaminants.  


Wash, wipe down, and dry everything prior to packing – including clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, and even furniture. Use wood polish for wood items and condition for leather, and rust protective solvents to prevent any deterioration during storage. 


Get insurance. Check to see if your renters or homeowners insurance covers personal property in storage. If it doesn’t already, you may be able to add it on or purchase a separate storage insurance plan through the insurance company.


Don’t let someone use your unit / keys. Would you let someone drive your car? Don’t do it unless you fully trust the person to take care of your unit.


Make sure you’re using the right size storage unit for your needs. Get a unit that is a little bit bigger than your items, so you have room to access things when you need them. 

Need more advice?  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

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