How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Planning is key. Take the time to organize your storage unit so that when items need to be retrieved, they are found easily and accessing them is effortless. 

Follow these simple tips to help organize your storage unit. 


How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Access
How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Access

One: Pick The Right Size Boxes

Pick one box size for most of your items for storage. Always follow these guidelines when stacking boxes:

  • Same-size boxes help with stacking. 
  • Use clear plastic bins to easily identify what’s inside each bin.  
  • Light boxes should be stacked on top with heavier boxes at the bottom for stability.
  • Don’t pack any box too heavy as it will be difficult to move and will break from the excessive load. 

Two: Identify & Assess What Is Being Stored First

Before you start packing, identify the items you plan on placing in storage. Then, assess what items you may need so that items are stacked for easy access. 
Stow items in sections of your storage unit so that they are easy to access and locate:

  • Seasonal Clothes (Winter / Summer)
  • Outdoor Equipment
    (Tents, Sleeping Bags, Kayaks, Canoes, Snorkeling Gear, Sleds, BBQ Utensils & Grills)
  • Holiday Items & Supplies (Decorations, Costumes, Bakeware)
  • Kids Toys 
  • Office Documents
  • Tools (Garden & Craftsman Drills etc.)

Three: Label Boxes While You Pack

Label each box on the top and on the side with a description of what is in the box and where or what it’s funcion is. Code boxes buy function and season so that items can be stored together that will be needed at that time. Be as detailed as possible.

Four: Create A Master List

Carefully detail the contents of each box This helps to then locate what you need, when it’s needed.

Five: Plan An Organized Layout

Stack boxes that are to be accessed frequently near the entrance of the storage unit and items that you rarely need towards the back of the unit. 

Consider how much stuff you have and the size unit is needed to stow away your belongings. Ideally you’ll want to create paths within your storage unit so consider a unit that affords the extra space so that you can get in there and extract what is needed with ease.  

Dividing your unit into sections will also help you map out where similar items are placed for easy access. By taking the time to plan your space first, you will save time and limit the difficulty of finding and getting to times when there is a need. 

  • Stack from back to front in order of need. Items you use frequently should face the path with labels facing out. 
  • Furniture and other large items should be stored against the walls, leaving a path in the middle of the space.
  • Elevate your belongings off the ground to reduce their vulnerability to spills and leaks. Use wood or plastic pallets to ensure your boxes, furniture and boxes aren’t resting directly on the ground

Six: Invest In Shelving To Maximize Space

For long term storage place sturdy shelves along the walls of the unit. Shelving helps maximize the vertical space in your storage unit. 

Organizing your storage unit properly takes time, but it’s well worth the effort. An organized  functional storage space will save time when you need to access items.  

Need help choosing the right size of storage unit? Visit our Size Guide or give us a call. We’re here to help.


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