Preparing For The Move: Helpful Moving Tips 

Follow these helpful tips to reduce the amount of work and stress to make the process run a bit smoother. 


  1. Set a budget
  2. Track expenses
  3. Make a list of who you need to notify:
    1. If renting, review your lease agreement and notify your landlord.
    2. Contact your new landlord or realtor to know when you can move In (plan on 10 weeks). 
    3. Contact your insurance agent to adjust your policy for where you are living now and where you’re going to live.
    4. Transfer or cancel utilities in your old home and set up utilities in your new home. 
    5. Arrange if necessary, to find new healthcare providers, and be sure to transfer medical records.
    6. Notify your employer, bank, friends, etc. of your new address.
    7. Complete a Change of Address Form with the United States Postal Service.

Before you go full on, plan out the move in stages to better manage the process.

  1. Schedule time-off from work to prepare.
  2. Create a timeline to set the pace of your move. Understand that the timeline may need to be revised based on any complications that arise during the process.
  3. Declutter: get rid of stuff. Go through your belongings room by room and create three piles: stuff to throw out, stuff you plan on keeping, and what you will either sell or donate to charity. If it no longer has value, then it isn’t worth moving.
  4. Visualize your move by organizing what is going to be placed in storage, what is needed during the move.
  5. Don’t forget to get your kids prepared for the move:

    –   Discuss the move so they are mentally prepared for the change.
    –   Research childcare and schools in your new community.
    –   Register for school, summer camp etc.
  6. Moving with pets:

    –   Research pet transportation.
    –   Take your pet to the vet.
    –   Request copies of your vet records and any necessary medications.
    –   Research a new vet.
    –   If applicable, get new ID tags and update the microchip. 


  1. Be flexible, build in some leeway and save money on expenses by opting for a mid-week, mid-month move. Weekends and the first or last days of the month is more expensive due to higher demand.
  2. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring professional movers.If you don’t have family and friends to lend a hand, it might make sense to hire professional movers. Price-compare moving companies against renting a moving truck or using a self storage facility to make the move less stressful. This due diligence will give you peace of mind.
  3. Hire a junk removal company. Time is money, and it takes time to clean and get rid of stuff. Let the pros do all the heavy lifting for you. They’ll dispose of the trash, clean up, and even donate items to local charities.
  4. Consider short-term self-storage. If there are some items that you can’t commit to getting rid of yet, but you’re not sure you need, put it in storage.

    –   Figure out what you need to store and how much space you’ll need
    –   Research what other folks say about these storage facilities.
    –   Ultimately consider how convenient the location is to your new home and how accessible it is (drive up units are best).


To save time, don’t rush. Think it out first, don’t start trashing stuff and tossing things in boxes to kick-start the process. This mistake could be costly  if things get damaged or something is forgotten. Plan it out and then go full-on to get it done! 

Need more advice?  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

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