How to Store a Mattress the Right Way: Think Self Storage

Simple Steps to Store a Mattress

How to Store a Mattress the Right Way

How to Store a Mattress the Right Way

A good quality mattress lasts for more than a decade. It’s an investment. When downsizing or needing more space, there are lots of good reasons to put your mattress in self storage.

No matter the type of mattress (whether it be a memory foam or traditional spring matter) the best way to store a mattress is to maintain the shape of the mattress and to prevent mildew.

Here’s how to expertly store a mattress in a storage unit:

ONE– Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly
Follow these steps for a clean, ready-to-use mattress:

  1. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly.
  2. Apply upholstery cleaner or baking soda.
  3. Place the mattress outside to air out and dry.
  4. Use a covered moving truck to transport to storage. Keep it dry and debris free.

Mattress Cleaning Tip: A steam cleaner is also a great alternative to applying upholstery cleaner by hand, as it kills all kinds of allergens.

TWO– Wrap Your Mattress in a Storage Bag
It is critical to store your mattress in a dry space that is not susceptible to moisture and debris. Keep your mattress protected with a mattress cover, truly a smart investment. Mattress storage bags are available at many hardware stores and at most self storage facilities.

Storage Tip: Avoid damp basements, outdoor storage, and storage sheds. Think self storage.

THREE– Store Your Mattress Flat & Don’t Stack Anything on It
Storing your mattress upright can damage the coils and springs can shift and cause the mattress fabric to sag. Be sure to lay a tarp down on the floor before placing the mattress on top.

  • Manufacturers recommend that you store the mattress flat to ensure the springs stay in good shape.
  • Never store items on top of the mattress as objects can damage the springs and cause cuts or permanent dents in the cushioning. No exceptions.

Storage Tip: You may lay the mattress on top of flat furniture or boxes as long as it’s flat and sturdy.

FOUR– Freshen Up Your Mattress Before Using Again
When you remove your mattress from storage, freshen up the mattress before using it.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on each side to absorb any odors.
  2. Then vacuum the entire mattress.
  3. Spray the mattress with a natural deodorizing spray and allow it to air-dry completely.
  4. Give the mattress time to air out, give it a day or two before you use it.

Self storage is a clean, convenient, and low cost solution to store and protect your valuables. Protect your investment and be sure to follow these best practices should you need to store a mattress.

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