Keep This, Not That | Super Smart Ways to Declutter Your Life

Self storage is an affordable and convenient solution to create and maintain a clutter free space at home.

Declutter. Let’s face it, clutter breed discontent and chaos. Simplify your life, bring order and serenity to your space. 

Clean up your kitchen drawers, bedroom closets, the basement and that garage which you haven’t been able to put the car in for years. 

Take stock of your belongings, there’s no reason to hang on to things that don’t work, you don’t use or don’t need. Say goodbye and good riddance to all that clutter. 

Okay let’s get started.  

1. Ascribe a value to belongings. Is it a priceless memoir, does it has real market-value, or an esthetic value? 

2. Assign a room and a place for everything. Where do the car keys go, the check-book, the mobile phone? Put things where you can easily access and utilize them.

3. Focus on one room at a time. Or start by organizing your clothes first, then move on to the kitchen and so on. One thing at a time. 

The Kitchen
The kitchen is for making breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s not a storage space. Weed out what you are not using, either find a place for it, or get rid of it.  

  • Appliances, if it’s broken or you don’t use it anymore then donate it or junk it. 
  • Recycle those food containers. Start with all the ones that you don’t have lids for anymore. 
  • Hang the pots and pans above the stove or somewhere that is functional. Remember “less is more”.

The Closet
The closet is a tough one, you’ve got those suits and outfits that you can’t fit into right now and may not ever be able to wear again! What to do? Then there’s those clothes that have sentimental value. Consider purging as much as possible, then if you can’t part with it. Put it in a self storage unit. 

Inherited Heirlooms & Mementos
The family china, the silverware from your first marriage. You are never going to use this stuff so it’s time to decide where it goes. Let it go! Pass it on to a family member, sell it or give it away. If that won’t work, pack it up and put it in storage. 

Photos & Important Documents 
Consider this, today there are services that can digitize all of your old photos and important legal documents. 

The average lifespan of digitized data is about ten years. The good news is that for a small fee you can store much of your digital data online. If that doesn’t work for you, then consider storing your photos and important documents in a storage unit. 

Gifted Items & Impulse Purchases 
Does the basement or garage have a mountain of gadgets and gizmos that have never even been opened? Are you still trying to figure out what the purpose of that thing is? Well, now’s the time to either sell it on eBay, or donate it to charity. 

The Attic, Basement & Garage
Doesn’t matter where you start, but get on it. The attic invariably has things that you don’t use ever. That’s because it’s so difficult to pull down what’s up there. Most of it is probably junk. No matter, sort it out and determine if it’s seasonal, salvageable or no longer valuable. 

The basement is typically moldy, and floods periodically. Most of the stuff down there may still be in good shape but again, decide what stays and what goes. Why not insulate and waterproof the basement? Create a new office space or that get that man cave you’ve been dreaming of. 

Now the garage is most likely where most everything winds up. Clean it up, group similar items and sort stuff by season. Wouldn’t it be nice to store the car back in the garage again? 

Now that it’s all been sorted, resist the temptation to clutter up all that open space you have created about the house. You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve junked, sold and gifted all the non-essential. Let’s keep it that way!  

Self storage is an affordable and convenient solution to create and maintain a clutter free space at home. Congratulations your home is now an oasis of tranquility.  

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