Place the things that are important to you in self storage. 

Following these storage tips will ensure your car stays safe and in excellent working order. 

When friends and family are visiting for an extended stay or if you’re going on a long trip or simply to protect your car from the snow, ice, and elements, self storage is the answer. 

Whatever the reason, you may not have enough garage space and need to put your car in storage to avoid damage to your vehicle. Keep your car safe, it’s one of the most valuable items you own. It’s important to know how to properly store your car to keep your roadster in working condition no matter how long you plan to store it.

Follow these helpful tips when storing your car to ensure your car will be in good condition when you are ready to use it again:

  1. Check to make sure your registration and proof of ownership is in order.   

  2. Find a storage location that is easily accessible and close to your home.

    Storage units are completely sealed, which will protect your car from all outdoor elements. Make sure the facility is protected by 24/7 security surveillance.    

  3. Determine what storage unit size you will need.

    Measure your car, be sure to account for the side mirrors. Most cars will fit in a 10×20’ unit but larger vehicles may need a 10×30’ space.   

  4. Make sure your car is clean inside and out.

    Wash and wax the outside of the car and clean and vacuum the inside. A clean car protects the exterior’s finish and prevents corrosion. A clean interior prevents things such as dirt, food, and residues from causing mold or encouraging pests from entering your car. If you plan to steam the interior, do so a few days before storing your car to ensure that there is no residual moisture when in storage.   

  5. Fill your gas tank completely.

    Filling the tank with gas prevents the tank from rusting inside. Adding the stabilizer preserves the gasoline and also prevents damage to the fuel system. An empty or slightly filled gas tank is more prone to condensation, which can cause rust in your fuel tank. A full tank of gas helps absorb moisture, prevents corrosion in the fuel lines and engine, and prevents the seals from drying out.

  7. Change oil and fluids.

    Dirty engine oil can thicken after long-term storage and make it difficult to start the car. Before storing your car, you’ll want to do an oil change. The oil in your car contains contaminants which can damage your engine. Replace the brake fluid and coolant. After replacing the necessary fluids, take your car out for a short drive to work the new fluids into the system.   

  8. Put tire jacks under the tires to prevent flats.

    Place blocks or jack stands under the rear axle and front suspension of your car to prevent the tires from getting flat spots. Flat-spotting is when your tires flatten over time due to contact with the ground. Fill your tires to their maximum air pressure, as temperature changes will reduce the tire pressure over time.   

  9. Disconnect the car battery.

    Car batteries can leak acid and corrode the inside of the car if they sit unused. Once you remove the battery, store it somewhere warm to keep it safe from cracking and leaking.

  10. Protect your car from pests using preventative measures.

    Put a sock or rag in your exhaust pipe, to deter mice and other small animals from nesting there. Use dryer sheets and cedar chips inside of your car to deter pests from destroying your car interior.   

  11. Release your parking brake

    If left too long, can fuse with the rotor and will become difficult to disengage. Instead use wheel chocks or blocks of wood.   

  12. Open a car window about a half inch to let the air circulate. 

    Cars are air-tight, by opening a window a little bit helps to let any moisture out. Otherwise condensation will form on the interior glass windows which will cause mold and mildew.

  13. Remove all valuables and detach the fixed antenna and windshield wipers.  

  14. Invest in a quality car cover.   

    A car cover protects the car’s finish from dust, dirt, moisture and scratches. The cover also keeps everything inside clean. Never use a plastic tarp to cover a car, as it will scratch the paint on your car.   

  15. Removing your car from self storage

    Never just jump in and drive off. Conduct a thorough complete check on the car.  

    • Check tires for cracks or flat spots and make sure tire pressure looks okay.  
    • Examine the undercarriage and exhaust pipe to check for signs of pests.Remove any socks or rags from the exhaust pipe before starting your car.  
    • Replace any necessary fluids and reattach the car battery.  
    • Take the car cover off and open the storage unit door before starting the car.  
    • Gently test the brakes as you drive it out of the unit.. Then let it run for a few minutes before you leave the storage facility.
    • Take it slow, make sure everything is in good working order before taking the car on the major thruways.

NOTE: Using a storage unit to work on your vehicle or to conduct business at the storage facility is prohibited. Storing items temporarily for doing business is fine as long as you are not physically doing business at the facility. Review the policies of your storage facility if you need further clarification.

Following these storage tips will ensure your car stays safe and in excellent working order. 

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