Storage Tips to Make Space for the Car

The garage is the dumping ground for everything that you can’t find space for in the house. Organizing and decluttering the garage is no easy task.
Reduce stress, put your belongings in self storage.

Make Space for the Car

Parking your vehicle indoors helps protect and preserve your car from the elements. Make space in your garage by utilizing these simple storage options. 

Declutter the Garage

The garage is the dumping ground for everything that you can’t find space for in the house. Organizing and decluttering the garage is no easy task. 

Just thinking about taking on the garage can cause you to stress out. Don’t put this off for another time. Take a deep breath and know that follow these super smart strategies to get the mess under control.

Start with a Plan 

As you begin clearing out the garage, formulate a plan to organize and efficiently utilize your space. Depending on the time of year, you might need to stage items outside (or in self-storage) while cleaning and clearing your space. Do what you can, don’t stress and take as much time as needed.

Sort it Out

Group items together and put them in sections of the garage to sort out what you’ve got. More than likely you’ll have a section for patio furniture, gardening tools, lawnmower and weed-wacker as well as exercise equipment. 

Once everything has been grouped together, clean up all your stuff so that it can be stowed away for the season. Drain the gas and oil from your power equipment and get everything tuned up for next season. 

Maximize Storage Space                                        

Put up vertical shelves, use the overhead space for large items and think about how to reclaim space to park the car back in the garage! 

Self-Storage is a Clean, Convenient, Low Cost Solution

Once you start organizing and stowing away your stuff, you may find that you’re not going to be able to get the car back in the garage unless some things are stored elsewhere. Think about renting a self-storage unit. 

Holiday decorations, snow tires and ATVs may be taking up valuable real estate in your garage. Why not rent a storage unit to create more space at home.

Don’t stop with the garage, think about creating more space in your kitchen and closets by putting seasonal items like comforters, sweaters and coats in storage. 

Sorting out  belongings accumulated over the years can be overwhelming. Give yourself the flexibility and time to declutter the garage. 

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