Declutter Your Home: Get Ready For The Holidays!

Reduce stress, put your belongings in self storage.

Make room for what’s important during the holidays. Put it in self storage. 

The holidays are upon us, and many of us are excited to once again have guests visit for the holidays. 

Create more room for friends and family for the holidays. Spaces like your garage and attic as well as that junk room can be organized to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Follow these super simple tips to declutter your home.

Clean & Declutter The House
Get a jump on the holiday season, start removing everything off the shelves, and thoroughly clean and dust the house. Decluttering your home instantly creates a clean, comfortable home that makes room for your loved ones during this very special time of the year. 

Donate, Recycle & Throw Out Unwanted Items 
Kids tend to get a lot of new toys for Christmas, so make space for the holiday now. Declutter, discard and donate toys and clothes that no longer fit or they don’t play with anymore. 

  • Donate old/out of style clothes. 
  • Discard worn out and ripped clothes.
  • Store seasonal outfits/decorations for next year.

Clean Up The Garage
Your garage is the repository for practically anything that can’t be stuck in the house. Outdoor garden tools, lawnmower, lawn furniture and many other odds and ends. Now you’ll be able to safely park the car back in the garage to protect it from the harsh winter storms. 

Make Space In The Dining & Living Rooms
Make room for loved ones by temporarily putting your extra furniture and items in self storage to make more room for your guests at the table during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Organize Dresser Drawers & Closet Space
Clean out dresser drawers for guests to use and create space in the closet for guests to hang their clothes for the holiday.  

Put It In Self Storage
Take stock of your personal items that are no longer important in your life. Now is a great time of year to sell stuff on eBay or donate to a local charity. For those things you simply can’t part with, put it in self storage. 

Self storage is a convenient, secure and low cost solution to create more space in your home. You and your guests will have a much more enjoyable holiday experience. 

Happy holidays! 

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