How to Store Holiday Decorations: Think Self Storage

How to Store Holiday Decorations: Think Self Storage
Many ornaments a Glass, ceramic, and other types of ornaments and figurines are delicate and fragile. Carefully wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and store as you would fine china.

In this article we will explain how to organize, pack and store your holiday decorations.

Holiday decorations clutter up closets, attics, basements and garages. Start the new year right by freeing up space placing your holiday clutter in self storage. 

Organize, Pack & Store

  1. Organize your items for easy retrieval and set-up
  2. Pack your items wisely to prevent damage and breakage
  3. Store your items in a place where they’ll be most likely to maintain their condition


Don’t start packing away your holiday ornaments, take a deep breath and thoughtfully organize your items. You’ll be glad you took the time to do it right, because it will be a snap to decorate the home next time around. Let’s get started:

Step One: Get Rid Of Those Broken Bulbs and Cracked Ornaments
Separate the decorations you plan on keeping from the things that you don’t want or just don’t work any more. to keep.

  • Toss broken figurines and ornaments;
  • Get rid of decorations that you don’t like anymore;
  • Throw out those christmas lights that don’t work;
  • And those holiday decorations that you simply can’t stand.

Step Two: Separate Decorations by Use & Type
Create piles based on indoor/outdoor, the tree, the walls and stair, the front door, the roof and front lawn.

  • Indoor String Lights (Tree, Windows, etc.)
  • Outdoor String Lights (Roof, Front Yard, etc.)
  • Ornaments & Ornament Holders
  • Christmas Trees
  • Wreaths
  • General Christmas Décor Indoor
  • Christmas Décor Outdoor
  • Gift Wrapping Supplies (Bows, Ribbon, Paper)

Organize and group together the ornaments that go on the same tree and keep each group separate from each other.

Step Three: Untangle Strings & Strands
Separate outdoor and indoor Christmas lights and string out the lights so that when you get ready to pack them, the process goes smooth as silk. 

Step Four: Separate Out Fragile & Breakable Items
Separate the fragile decorations that need to be carefully wrapped and packed. Keep like items grouped together, for the tree, living room, stairwell etc. 

Step Five: Prepare Your Storage Containers & Boxes
Plastic containers provide the best protection for your fragile decorations and ornaments from moisture and dust.

  • Make sure to keep your decorations grouped together to stay organized. Use separate boxes based on the tree or window the decorations will be placed.
  • Get rid of empty spaces, by adding filler such as tissue paper or packing paper so that each box is snug and safe to store the ornaments. This ensures things won’t break or become damaged. 


Christmas tree ornaments hold sentimental value because they are family heirlooms. Many ornaments a Glass, ceramic, and other types of ornaments and figurines are delicate and fragile. Carefully wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and store as you would fine china.

Ornament Packing Tip:
Use empty egg cartons to house small ornaments to separate and protect ornaments for storage. 

Christmas Trees 
An artificial Christmas tree requires larger storage spaces than other holiday decorations. If possible, store trees in their original boxes.

Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights
Separately coil indoor and outdoor  lights to keep them from tangling. 

Christmas Lights Packing Tip:
Coil your lights around a piece of cardboard, a coffee can or plastic pants hanger so that they don’t tangle up when you’re ready to decorate next year. 

Christmas Wreaths
Place holiday wreaths in their original boxes and store them horizontally on a shelf. You can also place a bag over the wreath and hang it in a closet or above in your storage space. Never store wreaths on top of one another, as they will be damaged.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations & Inflatables 
That large Snowmen and Santa and his reindeer may not fit nicely in a box. The key is to store these large items so that they are free from dust and mildew. Thoroughly clean and roll these decorations like a pool cover. Don’t stack anything on top of these items, and be sure they lie flat so that they don’t get damaged. 

When in doubt, use smaller boxes to keep things separate and organized. Holiday dish towels, Christmas plates and cups, and your stockings need to be sorted, packed and labeled so that they are ready for next year. 

Electronics Packing Tip:
Don’t forget to remove batteries! Batteries can leak or degrade in storage, and are particularly susceptible to damage from temperature fluctuations.

Maintain peace and tranquility by safely storing your holiday decorations in self storage. 


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