How to Safely Store Comforters and Blankets in Self Storage

Bedding requires special care to protect comforters and quilts when in self storage.

The best place to store bedding is in cool and dry space where adequate airflow gets to the fabric.
The best place to store bedding is in cool and dry space where adequate airflow gets to the fabric. 

Downsizing? Closing the vacation home for the season or you simply need more space. Follow these simple steps to store and preserve comforters and blankets while saving space in your home.

Carefully Launder Bedding 

All soiled bedding must be cleaned before placing it in storage. Sometimes it’s best to fluff and shake your quilt before storing it. To properly clean vintage bedding covers, have it dry cleaned. 

Important laundering tips for bedding:

  • Wash bedding in cold water on a delicate cycle. Hot water can degrade the fabric. Be sure to use a small amount of gentle detergent to preserve the fabric. 
  • Hang blankets in the sun. Launder and dry them thoroughly on a clothesline. The sunshine helps to deodorize and kill odor-causing bacteria naturally.
  • Make sure comforters are evenly dried, use dryer balls, which keeps the fabric from bunching.
  • Don’t overstuff the dryer. Give the bedding space for air to fluff up and don’t fill the dryer more than halfway.
  • Take bedding out of the dryer right away, this ensures that there are no wrinkles.
  • Some fabrics might require air drying or absolutely no heat. Check the label.

Maximize Space By Folding

Comforters are bulky and hard to keep folded, properly folded bedding creates space and helps to preserve. 

Bedding storage tips to consider:

  • Use vacuum bags. These work well for synthetic, wool or cotton down comforters. If you have a feather down comforter, make sure you leave some air inside the vacuum bag.
  • Store by weight. If you fold blankets and put them on a shelf, keep the heavier blankets on the bottom. 
  • Don’t store anything on top of down comforters.
  • Roll the bedding into a ball and tie it into place using a ribbon. This option is ideal because the blankets won’t be crushed by the weight of other blankets.
  • Do not roll bedding tightly so that you don’t cause wrinkling
  • Roll down-comforters loosely and store them vertically to prevent compression. 
  • Dryer sheets. Place a few sheets inside the folded bedding or in the tote before storing. 
  • Avoid mothballs as they leave them an undesirable scent. Use cedar lined chests or cedar chips instead.

Properly Store Bedding

This tip is Important for natural fibers like wool. The best place to store bedding is in cool and dry space where adequate airflow gets to the fabric. 

Bedding Storage Options

  • Cotton storage bags protect against bugs,dust, and allow airflow. 
  • Comforter hangers allow air to pass through the fabric.
  • Acid-free box and tissue to prevent creasing and fabric bleeding. Be sure to use a large box to prevent wrinkles and folding. Line the box with tissue, polyester wadding, or white cotton sheets.
  • Avoid plastic storage bags that trap moisture and are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.
  • If you don’t have bags, wrap comforters and other bedding in cotton sheets before storing.

Best Storage Solutions

  • Linen closet, armoire or dresser. 
  • Under the bed, storage baskets and ottomans. 
  • Attic. Just make sure that there is adequate airflow up there and it doesn’t get too hot.

Storage locations should be clean and dark, with a relatively even temperature if possible. Avoid storing bedding in a basement, garage or other humid areas of your home. If you are lacking space inside your home, consider using a storage unit.  

Periodically check your blankets’ and quilts’ conditions. Look for mildew, and take that opportunity to refold or replace tissue if necessary. By following these simple steps your quilts and blankets will be preserved for years.

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