Need More Space? What To Place In Self Storage.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your unit is routinely checked and super-clean.

Find it more and more difficult to find a space to just put your feet up and take a rest? Everything is at a premium these days. Even space.

Self-storage is a convenient, low cost solution to create peace of mind during these chaotic times. Whether you are moving or renovating, self storage is the answer.  


  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Holiday Decorations
  4. Vehicles 

Furniture takes up space, you may need to make room for family or just find it difficult to navigate about the house. No one can afford to throw out or give away furniture that is in the way. Create more space by storing large bulky furniture in self storage to help declutter the home. 

Here’s some common types of furniture found in storage units:

  • Couches / Sofas
  • Dining Tables
  • Desks / Chairs
  • TV / Entertainment Centers
  • Mattress Bed  Bed Frames

Furniture Storage Tips:

  • Utilize plastic or wooden pallets underneath  furniture to keep moisture or mold from damaging valuables.
  • Disassemble furniture, thoroughly clean and protect with sealants to  preserve the furniture’s  finish. 
  • Deep clean fabric furniture to prevent growth of mildew and mold while in storage.
  • Polish metallic furniture to prevent oxidation that would damage the finish (use lacquer for bronze or copper).
  • Use old blankets or moving blankets to protect your furniture while moving and in storage. This helps prevent scratching and denting. 
  • Place sofas, chairs, dressers right side up, the way you would have them in your home, to avoid damage.
  • Use furniture covers to place over furniture (never use plastic tarps as they trap moisture which can ruin your valuables). 
  • Remove light bulbs and shades from lamps and wrap lamps in old blankets or bubble wrap.  
  • Corrugated cardboard can be used to protect pictures, glass tables or mirrors.
  • Have an appraisal for anything that is valuable like antique furniture or art prior to placing it in storage. 

Appliances take up large amounts of space. If you’re moving to a new home or in between homes most people do not have the square footage to store items. These items cost individuals hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Self-storage is a viable option until you can decide what to do with these valuable items. 

Appliances that can be safely stored include:

  • Washer / Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens / Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Appliance Storage Tips:

  • Wash and clean appliances to prevent rot, rust, or pests to prevent damage.
  • Drain any water from hoses, tanks, or tubing to ensure all items are completely dried out before placing into storage.
  • Keep appliances upright against the wall, leave doors slightly open to allow air to pass through the appliance.
  • Tape up and secure appliance cords, and keep all attachments inside the appliances.
  • Cover appliances with sheet or other breathable cover, never use plastic as it traps moisture.

Whether it be Halloween, Christmas, or anything else in between—Holiday Decorations take up valuable space in your home. Box up your Christmas lights, Halloween decor and place them in self storage. 

Holiday Packing Tips: 

  • Artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, lighting, and other holiday items (use egg cartons for very small ornaments).
  • Wrap lights neatly around paper tubes to avoid tangling and damage.  Easter: baskets, plastic eggs, etc.
  • Halloween pumpkins, haunted house items, ghost figurines and goblins can safely be stored in a storage unit. 

When you are away for extended periods of time or to protect your vehicle during extreme weather, Vehicle / Car Storage is necessary. 

Car Storage Tips:

  • For lengthy storage periods, put gas in your tank to prevent it from rusting internally and add a stabilizer to preserve the fuel system.
  • Have your vehicle serviced before storing it away for the winter. 
  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly, inside and out to  prevent rot, corrosion, mold, and pests. 
  • Use tire jacks to raise weight off tires and prevent flattening.
  • Disconnect the car battery to prevent acid leakage.
  • Use a cloth cover for that extra protection.

It’s all about ensuring your peace of mind. Go with a self storage facility that has security cameras.  Look for a storage facility that has . . .

  • Lighting and a Camera System – The facility should have a good lighting system with a camera security system that covers the entire facility and video screens to monitor all the storage units. 
  • An onsite manager who can quickly notify the police in case of an emergency.
  • And all self storage units require that every unit have a secure lock (most provide locks for you).

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