Tips for Moving with Pets: Stay Calm & Don’t Stress

 The best thing you can do is remain cool and calm during the move.

Moving is very stressful for everyone including your pet. To make the transition go as smoothly as possible follow these smart tips to help move things along. 

Have a well thought-out plan so you can focus on getting things packed, to make your move seamless for all the important members of your tribe. 


Create a safe space for pets during the move. 

Set up a temporary room for your pet to comfortably stay while everything gets boxed up. Bedding, food, water and play things help keep your pet content while things get messy. 

Find a room that is far removed from the pack so that there are no distractions to upset your pet. Make sure it is a secure space so they do not have the opportunity to run away due to fear or confusion. 

Avoid changing your routine to reduce stress on your pet.

Pets are creatures of habit, anything that is out of the daily routine sets them off. It is important to maintain and stick to a set routine to help keep things calm:

  • Feed them at the same times as usual.
  • Never skip their regular walks or playtime.
  • Give them a little extra love and patience, they can feel your stress so make sure everyone is happy during this stressful time. 

Book an appointment with the veterinarian.

Your Vet is an excellent resource for questions about what to know before relocating to a new home. 

  • Double-check that all vaccinations are up to date and obtain a current rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Make sure your pet is in good health and refill any regular prescriptions so that you can maintain your pet’s medical needs.
  • Utilize stress-reduction tactics or supplements to help ease anxiety during the move.
  • Update collar tag and microchip. Doing so will make life easier for you if your pet escapes. 

Plan a pet-friendly route to transport your pet.

Reduce the stress of moving by having all your pet’s necessities on hand. Water bowls, favorite toys, a blanket, food, treats, and don’t forget paper towels and disposable plastic bags for unexpected accidents.

  • Plan a route that will be the least stressful for your pet. 
  • Map out a route that has rest stops that are pet friendly. 
  • Whenever possible, consider the fastest route to limit having to stay overnight at a hotel
  • Secure your pet by a seatbelt in their crate or carrier in the backseat.
  • Make sure your pet has access to fresh water.
  • Never leave your pet in a parked vehicle, especially when it’s hot.

Make a few practice trips around town to help your pet get comfortable with being in a vehicle prior to the big move day. 

Pet-proof your new home to make sure your pets will be safe and make the transition easier: 

  • Secure all vents, screens, windows, gates, and doors.
  • Scour outdoor balconies and fences for potential escape routes
  • Check for any pest control traps or poison that may have been left behind.
  • Mothballs, firestarter sticks, and electrical cords are potentially harmful, be sure to keep these items away from your pet
  • Keep your space clean and clutter-free to reduce the potential for harm to  your pet.
  • Upon arrival, walk your dog throughout your new home and give them ample time to sniff the new smells and get used to their new surroundings. Give your cat space to hide out in a dark place until they feel safe.
  • Keep to a routine to help your pet get back to normal and feel more at home in their new space.
  • Be sure to give your pet a lot of positive attention and interactions. 

Remain calm!

Pets are very perceptive and can read you. When you are stressed they feel your pain. The best thing you can do is remain cool and calm during the move. The main thing to do is be patient and understanding, it may take your pet a few months to feel comfortable in their new home.

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