How Self Storage Can Help You Declutter In The New Year

Ask yourself, do I really need this?  If you don’t have space at home consider a self storage unit as a low cost, convenient solution.

The New Year is just around the corner, get a fresh start with a clean and clutter-free living space. Follow these helpful self storage tips to declutter and organize your home. 


Decluttering involves thinking ahead and strategizing. Don’t try and take on the whole house, start with one room at a time. Plan ahead and set aside several weeks to thoroughly declutter your home. 


Let’s be real, everyone has some stuff that they should have tossed out years ago. As a word of caution, don’t just start throwing stuff out. If you haven’t used something for over a year then it’s probably something you should consider selling or donating to friends or charity. 

  1. Sort out each room and create four piles: keep, toss, sell or donate. Do not overthink this step of the process, just start sorting stuff out.
  2. Keep items you plan to use in the future or have sentimental value.  
  3. Store seasonal items such as Christmas trees, and ornaments, winter clothes, sweaters, jackets, seasonal sports equipment, recreational vehicles, and furniture.
  4. Evaluate the condition of your items, is it broken or it no longer has value to you? 
  5. Would anyone else find it useful? If so, you may wish to donate it to a local charity or sell your unwanted items to free up much needed space in your home. 

Pro Tip: Set a deadline so things just don’t continue to take up space. Don’t delay, toss it, sell it, or donate, you’ll feel so much better! 


Decluttering your bedroom is a positive step towards getting your life back in order. Simplifying your space is a process, the best way to get it done is in stages so it’s not overwhelming.

  1. Clear off all furniture surfaces.
    Put things away where they belong. Put your coat, keys, bag and other essentials in the closet or dresser bureau.
  2. Invest in baskets and trunks.
    Create space and harmony in your bedroom with simple baskets and trunks to stow away your clothes. Invest in beds and furniture with built-in storage. 
  3. Organize dressers and drawers.
    Remove or put away any personal / household items that don’t belong in the bedroom. Things like workout gear, your desk and the television. Each room in your home should have form and function. 
  4. Rearrange your furniture.
    Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom to create a serene-spacious atmosphere. Less is more, opt for smaller or vertical dressers to create more openness in the room. 


Empty out your closet and sort everything in piles. Hats, gloves, shirts, socks, sweaters, shoes all need to be separated. This project may take a few days so plan ahead so you have ample time to get it done.

  • Put all your clothes in a space room while you take on this assignment. Give yourself a solid week to complete this project from start to finish. 
  • Sort out clothes that you no longer wear, are now too tight, out of style, stained or torn and donate those items to charity. 
  • Keep ‘like’ items together. This will help you find that shirt when you want to wear it.
  • Thoroughly clean, dust and vacuum out your closet. Again, plan ahead as you may need several days to complete this project.  


Divide the space into zones, stowing like things together. Keep your automotive items in one area, cleaning products in another, and then add shelves and storage bins to keep things organized. Zones make it much easier for you to find a specific item. 

Think about how to use the entire space, bicycles and garden tools can hang on a wall. Designate a space for every item that you’ve decided to keep, whenever possible keep stuff off the floor.

Sports equipment like bats, rackets, and hockey sticks can easily be organized by storing them in a large garbage can. It is simple, smart, and an inexpensive solution to keep your stuff organized.


The holiday brings loads of gifts and toys. As we bring in the new and say goodbye to the old, now is the time to declutter your kid’s toys. 

Follow these rules to help declutter your space for the New Year. 

  1. Start by packing up the toys your kids no longer like, are broken, or simply have outgrown. 
  2. Donate too many duplicates. Bring joy to another child’s life. 
  3. For more expensive or special toys, place items on  a swap and sell page on Facebook or give to a friend. 


Holiday decorations clutter up closets, attics, basements and garages. Start the new year right by freeing up space placing your holiday clutter in self storage.

Organize, Pack & Store

  1. Organize your items for easy retrieval and set-up.
  2. Pack your items wisely to prevent damage and breakage.
  3. Store your items in a place where they’ll be most likely to maintain their condition.


While decluttering your home, alleviate the stress of the holiday season by placing belongings in self storage. Self storage is a low cost solution for both short-term and long-term storage needs. 

While storing items in a storage unit during the winter months, keeping them safe by properly preparing items for storage will help protect your belongings from damage. 

Thoroughly clean your valuables. Mold and mildew will grow on damp equipment, furniture and just about anything else so make sure all  items and equipment are fully dry before winter storage.

Relax and enjoy the New Year!

There are many reasons why a storage unit is a smart solution. Self storage is a convenient, low cost solution for people who are downsizing, in the process of moving or simply need more space. 

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