Declutter & Simplify Your Space: Use The 80/20 Rule

Letting go of sentimental attachments often overrule our logical decisions making decluttering our lives a challenge. Following the 80/20 Rule can help guide you as you begin to simplify your space. 

Believe it or not, we only use about 20% of our things, about 80% of the time. Be more with less, don’t let analysis paralysis derail the process. Throw out, sell, or donate old, unused, or expired items. 

Simplifying your space is a process, start by setting realistic goals with a flexible timeline to ensure success. Let’s be clear, this is a lifestyle change. You’ll need to make decluttering a part of your daily routine. 


Let’s get started! 


Tackling your clothes and the closet may feel a bit overwhelming. Start by decluttering one drawer at a time. Don’t stress out. Space the task out over several days or weeks to make the process more doable. 

I think you’ll find that you wear the same shirts and pants on a regular basis (about 20% of your clothes). We all have our favorite outfits and tend to wear the same shoes as well. 

Flip your hangers around in your closet for any clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year. If it doesn’t fit, or if it’s out of style, then get rid of it. There is no shame in letting go of things you simply never wear or no longer fit into. 


Simplifying your space doesn’t need to happen in a day. But it will improve your lifestyle. Again, you may find that 20% of the stuff in the kitchen is jammed up in your drawers, cupboards, and pots and pans rack. 

When was the last time you used that serving platter, mixing bowl, or that kitchen utensil? How many coffee mugs do you truly need? Create space by getting rid of duplicates or kitchen tools that have become obsolete. 

Seriously — either give things away, donate them to charity, or throw stuff out. If you plan on using some things for special occasions but don’t have the space, consider securing a self storage space.

Pro Tip —

Don’t’ get rid of anything before you’ve given everyone in your home a chance to claim their favorites. Ignore this tip if you simply can’t stand that thing and have been wanting to get rid of it anyway. 

Still need more space?

Everyone is doing more with less these days. Create more space by putting your seasonal clothes and sports gear in self storage. For many, self storage is a low cost, convenient solution.  

Montgomery Self Storage has all the boxes and packing materials you’ll need on site. Not sure what size self storage units you need? Check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for help or stop by or give us a call anytime, the phone is always open. 

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