Let it Go! 10 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Space

Having too much stuff causes stress. Free yourself from the excess and create a peaceful place to relax and unwind. Find happiness and tranquility by following these super simple steps to declutter your life. 

1. Don’t dither about, throw it out!

Why are you still hanging on to that, you should have thrown it out years ago? Let’s get serious about what’s important in our lives and get rid of the things that are simply taking up space and no longer have meaning. Time to take a hard look at each and every item we own and either donate it to charity or give it to someone who will love it. 

2.  Donate, trash, or keep it!

Donate stuff, trash most of it, and keep what matters (this pile should be the smallest). If you are having doubts about what to keep, place those items somewhere that you plan on rethinking in six months or so. The time will give you the perspective needed to decide if it stays. 

3. Take Baby Steps

Don’t try to declutter your entire home. Start with something small like sorting out your clothes dresser, then move on from room to room. Don’t get hung up on a set timeline, build in some flexibility and stay on pont. You’ll be done before you know it. 

4. Create space, go digital and put the rest in self storage.

Digitize special cards, notes and things that have a special meaning to you. Toss out what is already in decay and place other valuables in storage to create more space in your home. 

5. Don’t go it alone, get some help from friends and family.

Create a plan and checklist when sorting things out. Employ your friends and loved ones to help declutter the home. Map out where to stage things while purging the home, and do a thorough cleaning of each room during the process.

Helpful Tip: Check each bag before tossing anything out, sometimes there is confusion when working with a team  as to what stays and what goes. 

6. Plan out what goes where, before you start.  

Invest in baskets, bins, and consider storing stuff in a storage facility. Consider functional furniture that can store stuff like blankets and odds and ends that clutter up your space. 

7. Purge once a  month to maintain peace and order. 

Now that you’ve created a serene castle of tranquility, plan on purging your space monthly to ensure things don’t get out of order. 

8. Buy it, only if you love it. 

Before pulling the trigger on something you just got to have, make sure you can create space for it. That may mean getting rid of something to fit it into your space. 

9. Follow a simple mantra: one in, one out

For everything you buy, donate (or toss) one thing out (this will help you decide if you really want something, so you won’t impulsively start filling up the home with more stuff). 

10. See Step One: Don’t dither about, throw it out!

Just because someone gifted you something, doesn’t mean you need to keep it. Either gift it to someone else, donate it, or sell it online. Maintaining an open, clutter free space takes hard work and perseverance. You got this! 

Letting go of things, often sets us free.  Possessions that burden you, can be gifted or sold to free up your space. Enjoy the peace and tranquility. 

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