Packing Tips: Super Smart Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit  

There’s a wrong way and a right way to store your items.

  • Store off the ground. Store all items off of the ground on shelve or wooden pallets to secure from flooding and dust.
  • Store the biggest items on the bottom with lighter smaller items stacked on top to keep from damaging any items. Put heavy items at the bottom
  • Put the least used items in the back of the unit and the most used in the front.
  • Utilize shelves. Investing in a storage rack to add some shelves to your unit can be a great investment, helping you bring some order and organization to your unit. 
  • Avoid making boxes too heavy. Equally distribute the weight of your items so you don’t have heavy boxes to lift. This helps avoid injuring yourself.
  • Store frequently used items at the front of the unit. This makes them more accessible when you go to use them.
  • Avoid making stacks too high, as they can fall on you and cause an injury. If necessary, use shelves to organize your boxes.

Proper Packing Methods For Clothing 

Use the proper boxes and be sure to label everything to make the unpack effortless. Utilize these packing methods depending on what type of clothes are being stowed:

  • Cardboard boxes: These are excellent for packing folded clothing. Suitcases and duffel bags are also an excellent way to pack up clothes. 
  • Wardrobe boxes: Help preserve the shape and material of your clothes. Suits, fine shirts and pants need to be hung so that they don’t crease or wrinkle while in storage. 
  • Vacuum bags: Bulky coats, jackets and sweaters can be compressed which shaves space and helps protect your clothes from moisture and insects when in storage. 

ProTip –  Layer dryer sheets between clothes to keep insects and spiders away. This will keep clothes from becoming wrinkled and keep everything smelling fresh! 

Furniture: Disassemble First To Transport & Safely Store 

Legs, dresser drawers, and anything that may be susceptible to damage during transport should be disassembled to ensure a safe move. This also helps to save space and smartly store your furniture while in storage. 

Pro Tip – Place all small screws and bolts in a plastic bag and tape to the furniture so you’ll have everything to put the piece back together. Create an assembly guide on index cards so that you can effortlessly put the furniture legs and other parts back together. 

Next: Cover your furniture with appropriate coverings to prevent any dust or moisture from damaging your furniture. Covering your furniture helps keep dust and other airborne debris that can damage your furniture over time. 

  • Fragile items like glass table-tops are best wrapped up with bubble wrap. 
  • For upholstered and leather items, put sheets, old blankets, or furniture covers.
  • Wrap or drape furniture loosely with a cover around the furniture to ensure air can circulate underneath the covering. 

Pro Tip – Never use plastic sheets or traps over your upholstered and leather furniture (plastic traps moisture, which can result in damaging your possessions).

Organize and elevate your furniture strategically.

  • Place furniture on pallets to prevent damage from flooding or moisture. Condensation on the floor can warp the legs of your furniture and lead to mold. 
  • Avoid stacking anything on top of your furniture because this can lead to warping.
  • Leave space between each piece of furniture.

Pro Tip – Leave a minimum of two inches of free space on every side of your furniture, to ensure good air flow. This also ensures that your valuables won’t get scratched or damaged while moving.

Mattress: Use a Storage Bag

It is critical to store your mattress in a dry space that is not susceptible to moisture and debris. Keep your mattress protected with a mattress cover, truly a smart investment. Mattress storage bags are available at many hardware stores and at most self storage facilities. Avoid damp basements, outdoor storage, and storage sheds. Think self storage.

Pro Tip –  Store your mattress flat & don’t stack anything on it

Storing your mattress upright can damage the coils and springs can shift and cause the mattress fabric to sag. Be sure to lay a tarp down on the floor before placing the mattress on top.

  • Manufacturers recommend that you store the mattress flat to ensure the springs stay in good shape.
  • Never store items on top of the mattress as objects can damage the springs and cause cuts or permanent dents in the cushioning. No exceptions.

Pro Tip – You may lay the mattress on top of flat furniture or boxes as long as it’s flat and sturdy.

Not everything should be placed in storage. There are certain items that most self-storage units will not permit you to store. 

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