Self Storage Tips: Organizing & Packing Your Unit

Self Storage Tips: Organizing  & Packing Your Unit
Self Storage Tips: Organizing & Packing Your Unit

These self storage tips will help to simply and declutter you living space. Put the belongings you don’t use everyday into self storage.

Self-storage is super smart way to eliminate the clutter and stress of living in a small pace. You’ll be surprised what an inexpensive solution self storage is compared with getting a larger apartment or moving into a larger home.

The key is to do it right, from the start. The key is to thoughtfully pack and organize your valuables.

Okay take a deep breath, make yourself a cold drink and let’s get on it. Here are the Top Ten Self Storage Tips to packing your storage unit:

TIP #1 Completely fill each storage box with the heaviest items on the bottom and the higher stuff on the top.

  1. Leave a two inches from the top before sealing the box.
  2. Add some crumbled newspaper so that the box closes snug such that it’s a tight fit.


TIP #2 Always pack books flat in smaller boxes for easy lifting.

  1. Keep the maximum weight of each box under 40 pounds. Don’t kill yourself.
  2. Books can shift easily while moving, causing damage. Books should be packed snug such that there is no wiggle room top to bottom, side to side, in the box.

TIP #3 Use uniform size boxes for easy stacking in your storage space.

  1. Rent the smallest amount of space you will need and pack the unit full.
  2. Make sure there is a passage way from the back to front of your unit.
  3. Stack boxes that are frequently needed near the front of the unit for easy access.

TIP #5 Avoid packing items in plastic bags. Plastic can trap humidity and moisture and create mold and mildew.

  1. Remember to wash your clothes before packing them away long term.
  2. Press and carefully fold valuables so that they don’t wrinkle during storage.

TIP #6 Leave a small space (about six inches) between the storage unit wall and your storage boxes so that there is adequate ventilation.

  1. Always use breathable materials such as cardboard for storage so that moisture isn’t trapped.
  2. Use dryer sheets to keep insects and spiders away. Place them in the boxes and around the spaces between your boxes and the walls of the unit.

TIP #7 Drain all gas and oil from your lawnmowers, weed-wackers and all terrain vehicles that are put into storage.

  1. Remember to disconnect the spark plug wire for safety, 
  2. and remove the air filters.

TIP #8 Always pack mirrors, window screens and paintings on the edge, never flat.

  1. Use picture boxes and bubble wrap when packing pictures and mirrors. 
  2. Flat-screen TV boxes are also available for your large-screen TVs.
  3. Always place a protective buffer under the item to give further protection from the floor.

TIP #9 Label all boxes for easy identification.

  1. Create a color-coding system to classify your belongings.
  2. Use stickers that identify what room each box belongs to.
  3. Use waterproof markers and label each box on all sides of the box. 
  4. Number your boxes to locate the items on your storage unit master summary sheet.

TIP #10 Take a detailed inventory while packing and create a master summary sheet of your storage stuff.

  1. Keep your list in a secure safe place such as a safe deposit box.
  2. The inventory list will serve as proof for your insurance claim in case some of your possessions get lost or damaged in an accident at the storage facility.

More and more people are using self storage units for many reasons. Whether you are outgrowing your space, or just want to declutter you home self storage is a smart choice for a mimimal cost compared to other options.

Montgomery NY Self Storage has many drive-up storage units to make loading easy. Clean, Convenient, and Low Cost. 

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