Dollar Store Storage Savers: Organize & Maximize Space 

Nowadays there are lots of inexpensive storage space savers to help you get your stuff organized. Maximize your space with this super smart items: 

Dollar Store Storage Savers Organize & Maximize Space
  • Shower Storage Caddy
    Shower organizers work well in organizing your bathroom keeping it both clean and clutter-free.
  • Expandable Pot Lid Organizer
    Designed for easy stacking to store pot lids, dishes, plates, etc.
  • Vertical Wire Pan Stacking Rack
    Take advantage of vertical space by adding a pot rack to help store all those pans sitting on the stove or taking up space in your cabinets.
  • Wall / Door Mount Organizer Rack – Space Saver 

The wall mount brings order to your chaotic spice rack, keeping your counters and cupboards clutter-free, making it easy to find herbs and other seasonings while you’re cooking. This space saving rack  is also great for organizing your plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, etc. Mount to wall, pantry, cabinet, or wherever convenient.

  • Wire Canned Food Dispenser / Organizer
    Keep the shelves of your pantry clutter free to easily access canned goods with the space saving dispenser.
  • Sturdy Wire Broom & Mop Organizer
    The broom/mop holder is easily mounted to any wall or hanging off a door to help organize and maximize space.
  • Iron & Ironing Board Holder
    Great organizer for your iron, ironing board made from heavy duty metal and it easily mounts over any door to take advantage of unused space.
  • Plastic Fridge Organization Bins
    Grab a few plastic containers of various sizes and depths to organize your fridge and freezer. These bins are also great for organizing your cleaning supplies and items that you keep in your food pantry. 
  • Multi-Purpose Two Tier Bins
    There are so many places in your home where you need to organize and maximize space. Use these stackable bins in the pantry, closet, under the bathroom and kitchen sink and most anywhere to get things sorted. 
  • Clear Plastic Trays Help Create Order Out Of Chaos
    We all have a junk drawer. Grab a few clear trays to separate the messy junk into order. The same can be accomplished with your vanity to sort out all your cosmetics. Nice and tidy.
  • Metal Wire Under Shelf Storage Baskets
    Organize your home with these smart under the shelf hanging storage baskets. These baskets maximize shelf space to help efficiently store food, clothes, or bathroom accessories.  

Need more space? 

You may find you simply don’t have the space for things that you value. Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, and summer and winter clothes can take up a lot of space. Don’t stress, put your valuables in self storage. It’s a clean, convenient low cost solution that helps create more space in your home. 

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