Bring Peace and Harmony To Your Life: Declutter Your Bedroom

Follow these super simple tips to declutter your bedroom quick and easy storage solutions.

Clutter. It makes life difficult. 

Decluttering your bedroom can bring peace and harmony to your life.  Transform your chaotic space into a sleeping sanctuary. The bedroom is often the final destination for everything that is brought into the house. 

Before you get started, figure out what the goal is. The end goal helps to prioritize what goes where and what needs to go out the door. 

Clothing is a huge source of clutter in a bedroom. It’s not easy letting go of certain things that hold an emotional value. 

Follow the Four Box Method to declutter the room. Use four boxes or storage bins to sort out your stuff:

#1 Trash It
Anything not work giving away or selling goes here. And don’t forget to recycle items whenever possible! 

#2 Give Away/Donate or Sell
Whether you want to give these things away to family/friends, donate them to charity, or sell ton eBay. Get rid of it. 

#3 Put It In Storage
This box is for things that you can’t or don’t want to get rid of. If you haven’t worn something in at least six months or it no longer fits, it doesn’t belong in your bedroom.

Seasonal stuff goes in this box. Take stock of what you are stowing away. Make an inventory of items that you’re putting in storage as you go — that way you will be able to locate it when you need it. 

#4 Decide Where Things Belong  
Rethink what goes where. Does it belong in the bathroom, kitchen, or garage? Store items by color, season, or occasion.

When organizing your space and determining what goes where, plan on stowing items that you’ll want frequently someplace that is easy to access. 

Follow these super simple tips to declutter your bedroom quick and easy storage solutions. 

Dressers quickly accumulate stuff that doesn’t really fit in the dresser in the first place. 

  • Empty your dresser at least once a year to sort out what you wear and what needs to go. 
  • Bulky furniture makes a small space, cluttered. Consider adding a midsize dresser with good surface space for nighttime needs, as well as lots of drawers for bedside essentials. 
  • Stow excess accessories in bins of various sizes and place them on top of dressers. They’ll declutter and decorate surfaces while keeping your personal items contained.

Closets. Most everything winds up in the  bedroom closet.
Off season stuff from flip-flops, to winter coats and golf clubs! Some of this stuff can be neatly stowed under the bed, but odds are that you’ve got way too much stuff and far too little space. 

The bathroom also tends to accumulate an obnoxious amount of clutter that is annoying. 
Beauty products like makeup, skincare products, hair accessories, and other self care items take up a lot of space! 

Place special attention to the medicine cabinet. Properly toss out any expired prescriptions and other useless items that you never use. 

Need more space? 
Create more space in your home to enjoy the ample and healthy light and space around you by placing your valuables in self storage.


  • Self storage can save you money, it’s cheaper than paying more rent for space that you don’t need. There are a wide variety of sizing options to find the perfect self storage unit for your needs.
  • Storage units can be short or long term to fit your needs. 
  • Store and protect those precious memories and sentimental items. 
  • Store your items in a self-storage that is located conveniently near you.

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