Wedding Best Wishes: Now Think Self Storage

A storage unit helps to smooth things over with your bride, so that you enjoy marital bliss.

Many newlyweds start out in a small apartment while saving for their dream home. Combining you and your bride’s stuff into a small space is not going to happen. Add all those wedding gifts into the mix, and you have a storage crisis on your hands.


Getting married is one of the few times when we are challenged to make tough decisions about sharing our lives with our significant other. Everything is on the table, from your favorite game chair to those boots you swore you’d never part with. Letting go can prove to be difficult. 

A storage unit helps to smooth things over with your bride, so that you enjoy marital bliss.  Stowing away those items that you simply can’t part with gives you time to negotiate, what stays, what goes and what needs to live in storage for now. 


Before taking on this major project, have a plan. Sort items based on what you want to keep, what you plan on placing in storage, and what you will dispose of or donate. Word to the wize, don’t assume that you know what your bride values and doesn’t need. Talk it out first and be prepared to make concessions along the way. 


Planning, prepping, and setting up your unit is well worth the effort saving you time and money. Have peace of mind knowing that your items are properly packed, conveniently accessible and well preserved.

You may find that after going through all of your wedding gifts that you have duplicates.  It’s likely that you’ll find yourself with three toasters, two coffee makers, and several sets of steak knives. No need to get rid of that extra washing machine or that leather couch that you simply don’t have room for. 

Put some thought into how you’ll stow these items. Ideally, furniture and large appliances should be against a wall opposite the boxes. Leave space in the middle of the unit for easy access. 


As you begin your new life with the love of your life, understand that you and your partner will need to figure out which items will make up your shared space. Take advantage of utilizing a storage space, the extra space will give you both time to decide on what furniture pieces and appliances stay and what goes.

A storage unit also affords you extra room in your new home. By stowing non-essential and seasonal items such as clothing, holiday decor and recreational vehicles you can free up more space in your home. 

Access what you need, when you want, rest assured your valuables will be kept safe and secure in your storage space. It’s all about ensuring your peace of mind. Look for a storage facility that has:

  • Lighting and a Camera System – The facility should have a good lighting system with a camera security system that covers the entire facility and video screens to monitor all the storage units. 
  • An onsite manager who can quickly notify the police in case of an emergency.
  • And all self storage units require that every unit have a secure lock (most provide locks for you).

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