Packing Tips for Safely Packing & Storing Stuff into Self Storage

Self storage is an affordable low cost solution to safely secure your belongings nearby for when you need them. Self storage makes life easy and gives you peace of mind that you have someplace to store things that you don’t have room for right now.

Packing Tips for Safely Packing & Storing Stuff into Self Storage

Upon preparing items for storage, follow these helpful tips to safely store your stuff. 

Plan on giving yourself plenty of time. 

If time is not a factor, get started right away. Downsizing, decluttering, or simply creating more space in your home takes time. It could take several months to get it done. 

Set realistic goals. 

Start with one room, and then break it down by just a drawer or dresser. The idea is not to put too much pressure during the process. You may need to adjust the timeline as you begin getting things sorted.  

Pack stuff safely. 

  • Clean Items first. Clean items before packing or storing to avoid attracting pests.
  • Label every box in detail, going beyond just labeling by room. Detail the type of room the items in each box belong to (Keep these items together when storing in your unit).
  • Create a map detailing what is in each box and where it is located in your storage unit. This will save a ton of time when unloading and finding items.
  • Use plastic containers. Plastic tubs are sturdy and keep items secure from pests, moisture, and damage.
  • Do not stack items on top of mattresses, as the weight can break springs or leave permanent indentations.
  • Take apart items like bed frames and tables, and remove lampshades from lamps. This will help protect them from breaking and make them easier to move.
  • Pack fragile items with care. Wrap fragile items, such as, dishes, vases, and decoration in non-printed newsletter (as can come off on your items) and pack tightly where they will not move around in their box).

Self Storage tips.

There’s a wrong way and a right way to store your items.

  • Store off the ground. Store all items off of the ground on shelve or wooden pallets to secure from flooding and dust.
  • Store the biggest items on the bottom with lighter smaller items stacked on top to keep from damaging any items. Put heavy items at the bottom
  • Put the least used items in the back of the unit and the most used in the front.
  • Utilize shelves. Investing in a storage rack to add some shelves to your unit can be a great investment, helping you bring some order and organization to your unit. 
  • Avoid making boxes too heavy. Equally distribute the weight of your items so you don’t have heavy boxes to lift. This helps avoid injuring yourself.
  • Store frequently used items at the front of the unit. This makes them more accessible when you go to use them.
  • Avoid making stacks too high, as they can fall on you and cause an injury. If necessary, use shelves to organize your boxes.

Not everything should be placed in storage. There are certain items that most self-storage units will not permit you to store.  

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