Top Ten (10) Reasons To Use Self Storage

Everyone is running out of time and space. Many are using self storage units for a variety of reasons. Space is now at a premium and we all need to find ways to store our stuff until we need it. 

Small businesses are increasingly starting up at home and the need to store stuff becomes a problem. That’s why self storage is a sensible and cost effective solution. 

We’ve listed the top ten (10) reasons for self storage to help you open up your personal space and make your world stress and clutter free. 


1. Offset the stress of moving. Temporarily renting a storage unit is a smart solution to make the move go smoothly. Quick sale? Often folks need to move out of their old home before moving into their new one to avoid losing a sale.

  • Downsizing. When moving into a smaller home quickly, put your belongings  into a storage unit so you can sort through once the move is over.
  • Staging a home for sale. Many realtors suggest renting a small storage unit to declutter your home, this will help make the home more appealing and get the home sold quickly.  
  • Consolidating homes. Moving in with your boyfriend or your mother-in-law is moving in? Rent a storage unit to free up that necessary space so you can live comfortably together stress free.

2. To provide more space at home. Rent a storage unit so you can take your time to go through your valuable to determine what you want to keep. Some things we just can part with, so store them to pass them on to your loved ones.

3. To keep vehicles safe in the offseason. RVs, motorcycles and boats can all be stored during the offseason. Most people don’t have enough space to keep all their big boy toys. Storage units are an often affordable storage option to solve the problem.

4. Kids going to college and then  . . . Kids who go away to college and start accumulating stuff. Storage facilities near the college campus provides a super easy solution till graduation. And self storage also provides a temporary solution until the kid finds a job and his or her own place. 

5. Home renovation. Storage units provide that extra space necessary so that your belongings can be safely stowed away during the renovation.

6. You are expecting a baby. The little ones need lots of space, and that’s a problem when space is already a premium. Put your valuables in self storage until you can decide what stays and what goes. 

7. Your business needs extra space. Stay organized and keep your files and inventory safe and sound in a storage unit. Storage units as an affordable way to control the flow of goods and helps when your needs require more space.  

8. Seasonal stuff. We all have clothes and tools that we don’t need during the off season. Not to mention the lawn furniture that there is no place to store in the winter. Placing your valuables in a self storage unit frees up space and helps to protect your stuff. 

9. Temporary relocation. Many people in the military and in the corporate world have to take on an assignment for six to 12 months. When being displaced you may not want to put down roots till you know if you are going to have to move. Self storage units give you the flexibility to store valuables during this uncertain time of transition til you can decide where your going to live and give you peace of mind.  

10. Store a loved one’s belongings. When a family member passes away, no one is prepared to go through the family heirlooms after losing a loved one. Don’t feel pressured into making hasty decisions about what needs to go and who gets what. The amount of stuff can be overwhelming. Take you time and don’t stress out over it. 

Most self storage facilities offer flexible terms and ways to solve your storage problems with no worries. Montgomery self storage has no administrative fees, no deposits and no contracts so you can come and go as you please. We also have several different sizes that fit your needs. Self storage is an ideal solution for both short and long term storage problems. 

About Montgomery Self Storage NY

Montgomery Self Storage is located in the “picture postcard” village of Montgomery, NY.  We have been serving the greater Hudson Valley since 2005. Our facility is new and growing thanks to the high demand for self storage.

Being family owned and operated enables us to be more flexible and competitive with our pricing.

Our facility is located right off Route 17K and is surrounded by local shops and restaurants. Our location enables you to multitask in our lovely village! We offer great specials. We look forward to serving you!

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