Super Smart Self Storage Safety Tips

When you think of self storage safety, is really all about two things:

  • One, knowing that your belongings are safe. 
  • And two, how to place your valuables in storage safely. 

Let’s cover the basics of how to store your items safely in your storage unit. It’s about protecting your stuff so that it won’t get damaged while in storage. 

Okay, now that you’ve decided to store your belongings in self storage you need to know which items are safe to store and what’s prohibited. Most facilities have standard rules and regulations to help you to understand which is safe and not permitted in your storage unit. Check with the storage facility manager for a complete list of prohibited items for storage.


  • Any vintage lamp or vehicle that uses combustible liquids or toxic substances must be thoroughly drained when placing them in self storage. 
  • Potentially explosive or combustible elements such as gasoline, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, motor oil, propane tanks, paint, corrosives, alcohol and fireworks are not permitted in a storage unit. 
  • Weapons of any type are prohibited from being stored in self storage facilities. 
  • Most medical supplies can be kept in storage, except items containing radioactive materials. 
  • Storage units are ideal for vehicles, but only registered cars that are operable, licensed and insured are permitted. Don’t stow any broken down or unregistered clunkers in storage.  
  • Never place perishable food or animal products in storage. These items will spoil quickly and attract bugs and rodents. 
  • It may seem obvious, but plants and animals, dead or alive, are prohibited from being placed in storage. No exceptions.
  • Your storage unit is not your secret man cave. Don’t attempt to plug in your refrigerators, stoves, heaters, generators or air conditioners. For your safety and the security of other customers, storage units cannot be used to hang out in. 


When preparing valuable for storage place your belongings in plastic bins that seal well. Cardboard boxes or plastic bags are not advisable for storing clothes as the clothes are vulnerable to damage. Plastic bags can trap moisture, resulting in  mold and mildew damaging your belongings.

Heavy boxes should be stacked on the floor and lighter boxes on the top. Stack similar sized boxes on top of each other, or go big to small, but not small to big.

Shelving can also be a good addition to a unit, ask the facility what they recommend. Some facilities have indoor units that might be a better choice for storing your items. 

If you are going to stuff precious jewelry or collectibles — stow them in the back of the unit, and don’t put them in obviously-marked boxes.

It’s all about ensuring your peace of mind. Go with a self storage facility that has security cameras.  Look for a storage facility that has . . . 

  • Lighting and a Camera System – The facility should have a good lighting system with a camera security system that covers the entire facility and video screens to monitor all the storage units. 
  • An onsite manager who can quickly notify the police in case of an emergency.
  • And all self storage units require that every unit have a secure lock (most provide locks for you).

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