Storing Stuff Can Be Stressful. Think OutSide & InSide The Box.

Think OutSide & InSide The Box.


One – DeClutter. Time to get real . . . love it or chuck it.

Two – Donate. Don’t be a fool . . . lots of love for the stuff you consider junk.
Three – Sort it out. Decide what is to in storage and stage your stuff, to decide what is to be relocated to create your downsized dream home. 


  1. Don’t pack anything that is dirty. Dust it, clean it and fold it nice and neat. 
  2. Now get the basics: lots of boxes, newspaper / packing paper / bubble wrap, packing tape, and a Sharpie.
    TIP: Get some zipper bags or varying sizes for those miscellaneous items that may get lost in the shuffle.  
  3. And don’t forget to pack your appliances or electronics in the original boxes. There’s no better way to pack it up than with original packaging.

BOX IT UP . . . Know what box works best for your stuff! 

Small Boxes (1 ½ to 3 cubic feet)
Known as the “book box” it’s typically 1.5 cubic feet. It’s great for storing heavy items like books, records, and fragile smaller valuables. 

  • Books
  • Records, CD’s and DVD’s 
  • Toys and Baby Stuff
  • Small Electronic Devices 

Medium Boxes (4 to 5 cubic feet)
The “all-purpose box”. You can put bulkier, awkward items should be packed in a medium box. 

  • Pots and Pans
  • Shoes and Boots
  • Large Computer Devices
  • Small Lamp Shades
  • Clothes

Large Box (6 cubic feet and up)
Ideal for lightweight items. As a rule of thumb, as the size of the container increases, the weight of the items should decrease. That way, you won’t get hurt when lifting and loading boxes.

  • Linens
  • Lamps
  • Pillows
  • Blankets and Duvet  Covers
  • Large Kitchen Appliances

Dish Pack (double walled boxes designed to be super strong to protect your china)

  • Fine China
  • Ornaments
  • Wine Glasses
  • Small Breakable 
  • Porcelain Keepsakes 

Mirror Carton (telescopic, expanding to 72’ + can stack on each other for larger item) 

  • Pictures
  • Mirrors 
  • Large Canvases  

Mattress Box
Perfect to protect your mattress from damage, mattress boxes come in a variety of sizes including crib, twin, standard, double and queen/king.

Wardrobe Boxes
These large boxes stand upright and come with a bar for hanging clothing, curtains and draperies. Ideal for keeping your clothing wrinkle free. Wardrobe boxes are also used for big, awkward items, like garden tools, sports equipment, and tall artificial plants.

Line the bottom of each box with some padding. Use bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or a bath towel. Save some room at the top of the box to stuff the box with packing material so that when you close the box up it is firm from top to bottom. This strengthens the box and adds an extra layer of protection. 

Last but not least, label your boxes! List the contents of the box on the side as well as the name of the room.  

Yes, Montgomery Self Storage NY has boxes and just about everything else you need. Preserve your heirlooms in self storage. Clean, Convenient, and Low Cost. 

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