Self storage is a clean, convenient and low cost solution for storing your valuables.
Prepare and pack your belongings for storage the right way. 

Choose the Right Boxes for Storage

Choosing the right boxes ensures that your stuff gets stowed away safely and securely. When you get a package from Amazon or buy something from the department stores, everything is packed efficiently so that nothing is damaged when coming out of the box. 

Boxes come in different sizes and materials, and each type is configured for items well suited for that container. Take time to pack your valuables to ensure they will not get damaged while in storage. 

There are boxes for large mirrors, for hanging your suits, storing dishes, to valuable artwork and flat screen TVs. Yes, there’s a box for just about any special family heirloom that needs to be packed with great care. 

Choose boxes that are sized for the items to be packed. When selecting a box, consider how long you plan on storing valuables. Short term or long term storage, the type of box matters. 

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are the box of choice for many moving and storage situations. Cardboard is inexpensive, light, easy to pack, stack, and label. 

Consider how long you plan on storing your belongings. Over time, cardboard boxes break down due to heat and humidity. Mold or mildew may start to grow in the box which attracts bugs and rodents that love making nests. Over time this can lead to damage to items placed within the cardboard box.  

Plastic bins are ideal boxes for storage. Plastic bins are easily stackable and better protect your belongings from moisture, heat, and rodents. Plastic bins are a little more expensive than cardboard boxes, but they are ideal for long term storage. 

When packing up your valuables, consider the weight of the items being placed in the box. Follow the recommended guidelines when choosing boxes to use for packing up your belongings.  

Small Boxes
A standard small box is about 16 x 12.5 x 12.5, or 1.5 cubic feet. When packing up small, heavy items that might add too much weight to a larger box use a small box. Most small boxes can safely hold up to 50 pounds, for items such as books as well as fragile dishes and vases. 

Medium Boxes
A standard medium box is about 18 x 18 x 16, or 3 cubic feet. A medium box can safely be packed up to about 65 pounds. Medium boxes are great for storing bigger items that don’t have to be packed as tightly, including clothing, pots and pans, and toys. 

Large Boxes
A standard large box is about 18 x 18 x 24, or 4.5 cubic feet. Although bigger than a medium sized box, don’t pack more than about 65 pounds as the box will not be able to support any extra weight. They’re good for things like linens and blankets, lamps, and small kitchen appliances. 

Extra-Large Boxes
A standard extra-large box is about 24 x 18 x 24, or 6.1 cubic feet. When packing be sure not to exceed about 70 pounds as they will be difficult to lift and the box is not constructed to withstand anything beyond that weight. Store the items that don’t fit as readily in smaller boxes, like pillows and comforters, winter coats, and larger kitchen appliances.

Wardrobe Boxes
A wardrobe box is specifically intended for the easy storage of clothing, and has a bar across the top where you can hang items instead of having to fold them. They come in small, medium, and large. You can pack the bottom of the box as well to store shoes, purses, sweatshirts. Make sure not to make the wardrobe box too heavy.  


  • Make sure that you use a high quality box that has no tears or degraded material. Plastic holds up well and stacks up neatly. 
  • Stack the heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top. Test the stacked boxes to ensure they are not too high, as they will fall if bumped into. 
  • Label your boxes clearly on several sides so that you can locate your valuables and take care when moving boxes with fragile items.

Now that you’ve packed everything up, you should ensure that you place your boxes so that everything is easy to access and is stacked for storage. 

  1. Be sure to organize and pack boxes so that you can easily find and access items you need. Follow the steps provided in our Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit.
  2. Preserve and protect your valuables from dust, dirt, and moisture by following these packing tips:
    • Clean and dry your items in advance prior to packing.
    • Disassemble large items and bag up any parts to better protect valuables such as bed frames.
  3. Pack boxes tightly with quality packing materials to provide sufficient padding to protect items from being jostled during the move. 

Montgomery Self Storage has all the boxes and packing materials you’ll need on site. Not sure what size self storage units you need, check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for help.

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