Self Storage Spring Cleaning Guide

As the days get longer and the first signs of spring appear, now is the time to get a start on spring cleaning. During your clean you may find that you have accumulated items that no longer fit into your lifestyle.

Self storage is a low cost, convenient solution to storing your seasonal stuff..


Follow this spring cleaning guide as you take a deep dive into getting your space ready for the summer months. 

Plan it out ahead of time.

  1. Create a time table of what days, which rooms will be cleaned. Focus on the rooms that matter most first and work your way about the house. Build in some flexibility as some rooms may take longer to clean. 
  2. Create a checklist of goals for each room (i.e. washing, dusting, vacuuming, sorting, etc.)  
  3. Prepare the cleaning supplies necessary for each room. 
  4. After you create your cleaning schedule and checklist, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies (gloves, sponges, microfiber cloths, wood, metal and upholstery cleaners).

Follow these smart-super-easy cleaning tips: 

  • Maximize efficiency by cleaning from the top down, dusting and washing ceiling fans and light fixtures first. Then wipe and wash walls, windows, counters, and furniture next. That way you can mop up any fallen debris at the end.

  • Try cleaning inside cupboards, shelves, and windows from left to right and then clean outside from the top down. This helps to identify any streaks for areas that you may have missed.

Check the HVAC filters for the furnace, air conditioners and ducts to get rid of all that dust that has accumulated over the winter months. And finally breathe fresh air back into your home by opening up the doors and windows to let the sun in while you clean! 

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