Self Storage | Declutter Without Throwing Anything Away

When your space is cluttered, life happens. Nothing is easy any more, we all have much more on our plate that we care to say. Not enough time in the day? All your stuff is in the way and no where to put everything! Don’t get stressed out and worked up over a chaotic existence.

Self Storage | Declutter Without Throwing Anything Away

Declutter Without Throwing Anything Away

Simplify and declutter your living space. A clean, clutter free home will get your life back on track and you’ll be less stressed out as well.

Self Storage: Clean, Convenient, Secure
One easy way to ensure your space stays clean and organized is to move items to self storage. With a storage unit, you can keep seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter or summer clothes, and lawn equipment out of the way till you need them.

Easy Come, Easy Go
When you finally realize that you simply don’t have any more space, it’s time to clean house!  

  • Are you holding on to things for sentimental reasons? Start evaluating what possessions are worth keeping and what needs to go into storage.
  • Now that you’ve got everything sorted, now you can give away things that are no longer important and throw out stuff that’s basically junk.

Still overwhelmed? Okay, try one of these methods to help assess what’s a keeper and what needs to go . . .

The 12-12-12 Method
Find 12 items to throw away, 12 items that you can donate, and 12 items that need to stay.

The Box & Banish Method
This is a two-step process that starts by sorting everything into boxes. Then go through each box and determine what must stay and what goes.

The Four-Box Method
Sort items into four separate boxes: one for things that are trash, one for things to donate or sell, one for things to store, and one for the things that you value the most. 

The KonMari Method
This decluttering strategy was developed organization consultant, Marie Kondo. KonMari helps you imagine your ideal lifestyle and ask yourself if items “spark joy.” This method is perfect for people struggling to declutter by category instead by location.

The Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Method
Oprah Winfrey learned how to declutter clothing using the Closet Hanger Experiment. Turn all hangers in your closet the reverse direction for six months. Each time you wear an item of clothing, return it to your closet with the hanger facing the normal way. After six months, you’ll see which pieces you wear frequently and which ones you don’t. This decluttering system is great for anyone who needs to pare down a wardrobe.

Life is difficult enough without having to come home to a home filled with too much stuff. Simply your life. Decluttering your world may seem overwhelming and it can be. Realize that you need to get your life back on track and then tackle the mess one thing at a time.

About Montgomery Self Storage NY
Montgomery Self Storage is located in the “picture postcard” village of Montgomery, NY.  We have been serving the greater Hudson Valley since 2005. Our facility is new and growing thanks to the high demand for self storage.

Being family owned and operated enables us to be more flexible and competitive with our pricing.

Our facility is located right off Route 17K and is surrounded by local shops and restaurants. Our location enables you to multi-task in our lovely village! We offer great specials. We look forward to serving you!

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