Self Storage Guide: Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit


Self Storage Guide: Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Ensure everything fits neatly into your storage unit!

Protect your belongings and keep them safe with these simple tips to get the most out of your storage unit. Let’s create hassle-free access to your belongings.

First things first. Consider price, size and convenience when selecting a storage unit.   

PRICE has as much to do with value as it does with savings. When renting a storage facility, safety and security are the only thing that matters. Make sure the facility has adequate security measures.

SIZE. Don’t jam everything into a unit, and consider a size that is large enough to get to the things you need, when you need them. You could pack every square inch of your unit to the ceiling, but like that makes retrieving items a real pain. Get a unit that affords you a little extra space so you can easily access your belongings. 

CONVENIENCE has as much to do with proximity to where you live as it does to how easy it is to access your stuff when you need it. Many facilities have drive up units that make it easy to get things in and out in a snap.


Let’s get you sorted.
Never just arbitrarily stack stuff randomly in your storage unit. Stuff gets damaged and when it comes time to access your valuables, you will spend hours trying to find what you’re looking for.

  • Think short or long term storage when organizing your unit. Build sturdy shelves along the walls if you plan on storing things long-term.  
  • Stack everything (appliances, furniture and boxes) on pallets so your valuables aren’t vulnerable to spills or flooding. 
  • Put the taller and heavier items into the self-storage unit first, against the wall (and arrange your boxes against the opposite wall) to leave a path in the middle of the unit. 
  • Place your most moveable items that you may access frequently near the entrance near the center aisle so you can remove them with ease. 
  • Put larger, heavier boxes down first (back to front of unit, in order of need), and then you can stack lighter ones on top. 


Pick one box size for most, if not all of your items.

  • Large boxes are best for items that aren’t very heavy but should not be stacked on the bottom as they are difficult to remove and may crumble under pressure.  
  • Same-size boxes ideal for stacking and accessibility. 
  • Create a brick-wall pattern (when stacking same-size boxes) to make it easy to remove and replace boxes, without moving the boxes from above.

Carefully consider what you may need and when you’ll need it when organizing your unit. 

  • Seasonal winter or summer clothing.
  • Trip supplies (tents, sleeping bags, snorkeling gear, sleds, cookout utensils)
  • Holiday items (decorations, costumes, bakeware).
  • Kids toys, bikes, sleds, and anything else that’s seasonal.
  • Tools and hobby supplies.
  • Office documents.

Label each box you pack.
Make sure to label the boxes (with the labels facing out) so that you will be able to find the things you need easily. Label each box on the top and at least one side with . . .

  • a unique box number, 
  • the room it came from, 
  • and the contents of the box.


Create a master list all your contents with a map so you can easily locate and access your belongings.  

  • Write down all the contents of each box. 
  • Divide your unit up into four or more sections. 
  • Then on your list, indicate where your boxes are located in each section on your map. 


This guide will save you time and energy so that items can be retrieved quickly. In and out, no stress, nice and easy! 


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