Short Term Or Long Term Self Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Self-storage is a great way to house belongings during a period of transition or to simply free up some space in your home. Figuring out how to pack a storage-unit is only half the battle.

The do's and don'ts of short term versus long term storage.

The do’s and don’ts of short term versus long term storage.

The storage facility you place your valuables in must meet three key factors:

SIZE. Find the right storage unit that fits your needs – There are many different types of self-storage units including indoor storage, outdoor drive-up storage, split level storage, RV storage, boat storage, vehicle storage, warehouse storage, office storage, wine storage, closet storage and climate controlled units. Make sure you reserve a unit that best fits your needs.

PRICE. Compare prices, security, and physical conditions at various storage facilities in your area, before deciding on any particular one. Take a physical trip to your chosen facility, to see firsthand how clean, well-kept, and provisioned the place is, how the staff treat you, and what security measures they have in place.

CONVENIENCE. How convenient it is to access your items when you need them.  Find a storage facility close to home – make sure your location is close to your home or business so you can get your stored items quickly and easily.

Create an inventory of what you plan to store to help determine what storage-unit size you’ll need.  And also helps you to organize everything within the storage space so that you can access what you need at any time.

Follow the self storage tips below to store your personal items to ensure you have the best storage experience possible, and that your stored belongings are kept safe and in good condition for when you’re finally ready to obtain them. You’ll be glad you took the time to do it right.

Self Storage Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do pre-plan your storage.
  2. Do label all your boxes so that you can easily locate and access what you need, when you need it.
  3. Don’t store anything super valuable. To be safe, find an alternative way to house art, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuable items.
  4. Do pack strategically. You never know if or when you’ll need to access your unit during the storage period.
    • Store items you’re more likely to need toward the front of the unit, and things you know you’ll be able to live without for a while in the back.
    • Think vertically. Take advantage of the unit’s height and stack your items, keeping the heavier things closer to the ground.
    • Leave a pathway from the front of the unit to the back so that no item is completely out of reach.
  5. Don’t leave items unprotected.
    • Prevent items from getting damaged by taking the time to properly pack and wrap them.
    • Furniture should be covered with blankets or moving pads (not plastic, which can trap moisture, resulting in mildew and mold).
    • Fragile items should be carefully wrapped in packing paper, and stored in a way that they can’t move around.
  6. Do purchase insurance. Your renters or homeowners insurance may cover personal property in storage.
  7. Don’t store anything perishable. Rotting food and plants attract bugs and rodents, and you don’t want any of that in your unit.
  8. Do not store anything flammable – oils, fuels, propane, weapons/ammunition, aerosols are all flammable items that are prohibited from being kept in a storage facility. When storing gas powered items, you’ll need to drain them of all oils and fuel first.
  9. Do ask for help, if you need it. Ask a friend or family member for help, especially if you’re going to be loading heavy items or stacking things up high. Having an extra set of hands will help the process go smoother and faster, and will reduce the risk of injury when lifting furniture or other heavy things.
  10. Don’t share your key or access code. Never allow someone into your unit unless you already know that you trust them around your belongings.

Always store smartly. And don’t leave everything till the last minute. Choosing a self-storage facility, renting your unit, and organizing what you’re going to put into it should be all be considered early on in your relocation timetable.

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