Super Easy, Stress-Free Guide to Decluttering the Garage 

Follow this super easy, stress free guide to decluttering the garage. 

The garage ultimately becomes a repository for most anything  that doesn’t have a place in the house. From the lawn mower, to the jet-ski, to the Christmas decorations and the golf clubs, fills the garage so that the car just doesn’t fit!   

The checklist detailed below breaks down the process step-by-step. Plan ahead giving yourself enough time to do it right. Think about dividing the project into tasks that can be done over several days or weekends. 


1. Clear Out Everything

Start by removing everything out of the garage, either to the driveway or a tarp that will protect your valuables during the project.

2. Thoroughly Clean the Space, Top to Bottom

Work top-down removing any dust, dirt or grime from the ceiling, walls, and floor. 

3. Seal and Protect 

Fill in any cracks in the walls, as well as any areas where the elements can seep in. That way your garage will be a clean, dry, safe space for whatever you plan on storing. 

4. Sort It Out

Carefully go through your valuables creating three piles:

  • What stays.
  • What goes in the trash.
  • And what will either be donated or sold. 

4. Visualize The Space, Think Vertical, Add Shelves, 

Visualize the different ways you plan on organizing your space, keep similar things together and don’t store anything on the floor. Use pallets and shelving to maximize your storage space. Place heavy items on the bottom shelves to avoid the risk of injury and stow lighter things like Christmas and Halloween decorations on the higher selves.  

5. Take Another Look Before Stowing Stuff

Stop, before moving things back into your garage ask yourself if you will ever use some of the things you decided to keep. Does it have any intrinsic or sentimental value? Or is it going to just take up valuable storage space? 

Still Need More Space? Think Self Storage 

Most of us have too many tools, vehicles and motorized toys to fit in the garage. Secure a self storage unit nearby, it’s a low cost solution to freeing up valuable space in your garage and storage shed. 

Self storage is an affordable low cost solution to safely secure your belongings nearby for when you need them. Self storage makes life easy and gives you peace of mind that you have someplace to store things that you don’t have room for right now. 

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Montgomery Self Storage follows state and federal guidelines for social distancing and sanitation. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority.

Please stay safe during your move. 

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