Super Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

What to keep, what to donate and what gets dumped!

The things you own end up owning you. Space, we just don’t seem to have enough of it. The more space we can create, helps to limit the amount of stress in our lives. 

Moving? Start decluttering your life. 

As soon as you decide to make the big move, start decluttering your home. 

  1. Start planning for your new space, think big first and small last.

  2. Assess what furniture to keep and what needs to either be donated, dumped or put in storage.

  3. Once you’ve found your new home, map out the space by placing where tables, chairs, sofas, beds and dressers need to go.

  4. Rethink your space to create extra space when you need it.

    • A bedroom might be better as a workout room, office or TV living space. 
    • A fold-out couch might prove more valuable than that old sofa. 
    • Dining tables that fold up neatly help create valuable living space. 
    • Coffee tables with storage space and folding chairs might work well to give you more space when needed.
    • Storage beds with drawers underneath are ideal for maximizing space. 
    • Taller, narrower tables, dressers and appliances make room for what’s important. 
    • Shelves can be installed everywhere to store stuff. Build shelves in closets, the garage and kitchen. 

This will help you decide what stays and what goes. 

Declutter Your Life

What to keep, what to donate and what gets dumped!
Downsizing does NOT need to be stressful. Simply create three piles for your belongings:

1. What to Keep. 2. What to Donate. 3. What to Dump.

What you plan to KEEP.

  • Follow the One Year Rule: If you haven’t used something in the last year, donate or sell it. 
  • What to purge? Memories, family heirlooms may not fit in your new home. Storage is a low cost solution, short term or long term. 
  • Digitize: Income Tax records, real estate files, photos, music, and other important documents can be digitized. 


Change the way you think about your stuff.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You may not want or need some of these things anymore, but think about what might help those in need. This will help you when you are having second thoughts about letting things go.

DUMP it!

Don’t give something that is damaged or beyond its usefulness. Remember it’s got to be in good to great condition or it’s just trash. Old towels, shirts and shoes that are beyond donating need to get trashed. 

  • Cables, cords and useless gadgets that don’t work. Noone wants it, recycle or trash it. 
  • Rusted tools, that lawn mower that hasn’t run in years. Time to scrap metal this stuff.  
  • Burned out pots, pans and that electric carving knife. Really? Get rid of it! 

Whether you are moving or need to make room for your family.  Make keeping your home clutter free a part of your lifestyle. Routinely take stock of your belongings, what was essential may no longer be needed. 

Like most things, once you get started it’s not too bad. Jump in and start with the most difficult things first. You’ll begin feeling better about your situation immediately. 

The less clutter you have in your life will limit the amount of stress you feel. 


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