Best Storage Tips for Small Living Spaces 

For people who live in small homes, square footage is at a premium. Declutter your world, making your home more comfortable and stress free. Maximizing living space for small homes starts with smart solutions.

Best Storage Tips for Small Living Spaces
Best Storage Tips for Small Living Spaces


Tip One: Declutter, Donate, & Dump It 

Start by decluttering your space. The truth is that we own many things that we probably only use a few times a year. Keep what you can’t part with, the rest should be donated to charity or sold at a garage sale. 

Tip Two: Create Space By Going Vertical 

Living in a small home means that there is limited floor space. Go vertical by utilizing the walls and ceiling.  

  • In studio apartments the kitchen must also function as the dining room. Stack crates or add open shelving to delineate the kitchen from the living room. 
  • Free up counter space in the kitchen by hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling.
  • Space is always at a premium in the bedroom and the bathroom. Create shelves above your bed in place of a nightstand to create more space. Place shelves above the sink and toilet in the bathroom for towels and other health and beauty items. 

Tip Three: Invest In Functional Furniture For Storage

Functional furniture helps create space by stowing away stuff that simply takes up too much space.

  • Platform beds have drawers underneath that serve as a dresser for your clothes. A lamp with shelves.
  • Stow away pretty much anything by placing stuff in baskets. These baskets can serve as foot stools or end tables. Or better yet stack baskets atop one another to create even more space in your home. 
  • Get a portable laptop desk.
  • Find a coffee table with storage space underneath.
  • Add a movable cart in the kitchen that serves as a workspace as well as a cabinet to store plates and other gadgets.

Tip Four: Rent a Self Storage Unit

You may find you simply don’t have the space for things that you value. Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, and summer and winter clothes can take up a lot of space. Don’t stress, put your valuables in self storage. It’s a clean, convenient low cost solution that helps create more space in your home. 

Tip Five: Make Decluttering & Organizing A Lifestyle

Fundamentally change your lifestyle. Make organizing and decluttering your home a priority by routinely cleaning and purging items that no longer have a place in your life. 

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