As You Prepare For Retirement, Take Advantage Of Self Storage

Now is a good time to simplify your life. It can be a bit overwhelming, but with careful planning you can do this.

Retirement is a major life event, and the beginning of a new more relaxed lifestyle. Over the years you have accumulated lots of stuff. 

Self storage is an ideal solution for storing belongings that you can’t part with and for seasonal stuff that you don’t need year round. 

It’s a fact that people tend to feel more relaxed and stress free in a clean and clutter free environment. Declutter, downsize, and organize your valuables. 

Now is a good time to simplify your life. It can be a bit overwhelming, but with careful planning you can do this. First you’ll need to decide on what stays and what goes?

1 – Declutter

Sort through your belongings and get rid of unused or unneeded items. Declutter a little each week and before you know it you’ll sort this out in no time. 

  • Start big and then go small. Large items like furniture take up a lot of space. Sentimental items such as photos and special memories can be boxed up and placed in storage.
  • Consider what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and what you want to pass down to your loved ones. 

2 – Downsize

Many people opt for a smaller space when reaching retirement. As a result they downsize to make life more carefree. Self storage is also a great way of freeing up space in your home while keeping your valuables safe and secure nearby for when you need them. 

3- Organize 

Upon retiring many folks opt to own a motor-home, sail boat or that convertible that you’ve always wanted. Self storage is a cost-efficient solution to keeping your home clutter free, store your new toys in a nearby facility that you can access easily. 

Self storage does more than just freeing up your home from clutter. Here are the real benefits of opting for a self storage unit:

  • Storage facilities provide round the clock security and camera surveillance for your valuables. 
  • 24/7 access your items anytime you need them. 
  • Peace of mind having your belongings in a secure self-storage facility.
  • It is less expensive to rent a storage unit than continue to pay for a large home’s expenses.

Self storage makes sense during storage at any point in your life.  Whether you are moving to a new town, retiring or simply downsizing, it’s a truly smart solution for your needs. Short term or long term storage, Montgomery NY Self Storage offers a wide range size units with no contracts or security deposits.  

Drive right up to your unit and storage and access what you need, whenever you need it. Clean, Convenient, and Low Cost. 

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