Self Storage Safety Tips for Stowing A Snowblower 

Self Storage Safety Tips for Stowing A Snowblower

For most of us, spring starts when we store the snow thrower and pull out the lawn mower. Make no mistake that your motorized equipment needs to be properly prepared and stored in a clean, dry, storage space. 

Self storage is an affordable low cost solution to safely secure your belongings nearby for when you need them. Self storage makes life easy and gives you peace of mind that you have someplace to store things that you don’t have room for right now. 

The right way to store your snow blower, snow mobile, etc. Follow these simple steps to ensure your snowblower and other motorized machines will be well preserved extending their years of usefulness. 


1. Add A Fuel Stabilizer

Every time you refill your gas cans with fresh gasoline, be sure to add a fuel stabilizer before filling up your gas can. A fuel stabilizer ensures that your engine will run clean and start during the winter and after the off-season when in storage.  

A fuel stabilizer prevents your gas from breaking down, which can clog your tank, injectors, fuel lines and potentially damage internal engine components. The fuel stabilizer absorbs moisture in the gas tank, this keeps the gas from breaking down and clogging your gas lines. 

2. Drain The Fuel 

At the end of the season, drain the snowblower tank or any other machine that you are putting into storage. You can use a siphon or chemical pump to quickly remove the remaining fresh fuel and store it in an appropriate gas can.  

Storing fuel long-term in any type of gas engine is not recommended because old gas can corrode and gunk up inside the carburetor or fuel lines causing damage.

3. Seal and Protect 

  • Remove your spark plug, pour a drop of oil into the combustion chamber, and pull the cord a few times to lubricate the cylinder wall and piston.
  • Replace the spark plug and continue pulling until resistance is felt in the cord. This means the piston has sealed the chamber to prevent moisture from the air from getting into the chamber and causing off-season corrosion.
  • Replace the spark plug or at least remove, inspect, and clean it before the first use of the season. 
  • It’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual for additional product specific instructions on how to properly maintain your snowblower.   

4. Wipe Down & Lubricate

Salt can cause corrosion to the metal components if left untreated in off-season storage. Take a warm, wet cloth and wipe down the snowblower, removing salt and other types of stains.

Once dry, spray the exposed metal parts with a rust preventative or engine storage spray to protect them from rust and corrosion.

5. Cover-Up

Invest in a cover to protect your machine from dust or dirt getting in the engine. Don’t use a plastic tarp or garbage bag that traps moisture and can damage your machine. Snowblower covers are not expensive and will preserve your snow thrower and protect from scratches. 

IMPORTANT: Leaving your snowblower outside, exposed to the elements, is not a good idea – even if it’s properly covered. At the very least make sure it is covered and safely off the ground to prevent water damage from melting snow or rain.

Think Self Storage

Most of us have too many tools, vehicles and motorized toys to fit in the garage. Secure a self storage unit nearby, it’s a low cost solution to freeing up valuable space in your garage and storage shed. 

Swap out your summer gardening tools for your winter items to free up space and put the off-season stuff in self storage. That way you can put the car in the garage as well! 

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