Self Storage Packing & Storage Strategies

Do it right the first time. 

Maximize your storage space by planning out what is going into storage and then how it will be organized. Planning ahead is key to smart storage. Map out what goes where before-hand for ease of access, front to back. 



  • Same-sized boxes stack easier.
  • Small boxes are easier to lift and won’t break because they won’t weigh as much as bigger boxes.
  • Heavy boxes go on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. 
  • Bill boxes completely, if necessary use bubble wrap or packing material. Most storage facilities sell boxes, tape, and most everything you’ll need to pack things up. 
  • Wardrobe boxes are ideal for storing clothing, as are picture/mirror boxes for artwork and dish boxes for your dishes. 


  • Never use plastic bags as they trap moisture and can lead to mildew problems. Consider other packing solutions.
  • Put an ‘X’ across the face of mirrors or glass-covered art with masking tape to keep glass from breaking.
  • Be sure to wash, dry and neatly fold all clothing and cloth goods. Sandwich dryer sheets between clothing and bedding to keep items fresh and deter insects. 
  • For furniture polish wood and cover or wrap with old bed sheets or any cloth material to preserve the wood as well as keep free from dust and debris. 
  • Carefully clean and dry all machines such as lawnmowers, and ATVs and be sure to drain all engines when storing for the off season. 
  • Treat leather items with a conditioner and cover with a cloth while in storage. 


  • Don’t mix seasonal items when packing. Pack winter sports and clothing in one area of the storage unit and summer stuff in its own place in the unit. This makes things easy when you need to access items for the season and holidays. 
  • Disassemble any furniture that can be disassembled, put any screws, nuts, and legs in a bag (attach the bag to the furniture to make life easy when you need to assemble again).
  • Leave the center of the storage unit open to create a lane for you to get to anything in the space. 
  • Pack your truck or moving van in the same sequence of how the unit is to be packed. The last things that go into your unit should be at the back of the truck to make the process smooth and effortless.


  • Never use cardboard boxes as they tend to break down and attract insects to nest in your boxes. Instead consider using plastic totes as they are much more sturdy and stack well under considerable weight. 
  • Store mirrors and artwork vertically so that they won’t break. Never pack glass flat, it is more susceptible to having something fall on it and break.
  • Do not stack items on top of mattresses, as the weight can break springs or leave permanent indentations.
  • Label your boxes on all sides clearly, with details of the contents.
  • Create a map of what and where items are stored in your unit, that makes things simple when you need to find something. 
  • Place the most frequently needed items near the front entrance of your space for easy access. 
  • Use wood pallets and other shelving to lift everything at least a few inches off the floor to protect from flooding.
  • Not everything should be placed in storage. There are certain items that most self-storage units will not permit you to store.  

Planning, prepping, and setting up your unit is well worth the effort saving you time and money. Have peace of mind knowing that your items are properly packed, conveniently accessible and well preserved.

Calculate how storage space you’ll need to secure the appropriate sized storage unit. If you are unsure, talk to the storage facility staff or check out our storage unit guide.  

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