Top Ten Tips On How To Store Your Winter Wardrobe For Summer

Summer is finally here! What to do with the family’s winter jackets, boots, etc.? Set aside some time and store your winter wardrobe for the summer. 

Place your winter wardrobe in storage during the summer to save space.

Not everyone has the space in the home to store bulky coats, sweaters, gloves and all the winter gear.  Self storage is a clean, convenient, and low cost solution for protecting your winter clothes during the summer months. 

Self storage facilities are nearby making accessing your items easy and ready when you need them. Follow the top ten (10) helpful tips below:

One: Sort & Separate Your Winter Wardrobe
The National Association of Professional Organizers reports that 80% of your clothes are only worn 20% of the time. Closet decluttering should be done once or twice a year to save space and get rid of what you no  longer want. Sort your clothes into items that are worn out, damaged, you’ve outgrown or no longer fit.

Two: Donate Unwanted, Outgrown and No Longer Fit Clothes
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Donate stuff that you don’t want or is no longer in style. Keep only what you love and put it in storage for the summer.

Three: Repair and Fix Tears & Rips
Take the time to mend any holes or rips in your clothing. If it’s beyond repair, then discard it. Don’t give away something that’s no longer any good.

Four: Clean Clothes Before Storing
Perfume, perspiration, and body oils can all attract insects and stains that go untreated will only darken with time. Before putting winter clothes away for the warm season, make sure to launder and dry clean as necessary. Frequent cleanings help help preserve your clothes.

Storage Tip: Don’t have your clothes starched when dry-cleaned, as starch attracts pests.

Five: Fold Items & Hang Clothes Neatly
When it comes time to stow your clothes for the season, it’s best to properly fold your clothes. This keeps your clothing from stretching. Pants should be hung on hangers that have two boards to lock in the hem or cuff so that they won’t get a crease in them.

Six: Pre-treat Clothes to Deter Pests
Mothballs are effective at repelling pests, that said there are alternatives to protect your wardrobe from insects. Natural, chemical-free options include:

  • cedar-lined storage chests;
  • cedar blocks, balls, and chips;
  • cedar rings that attach to your clothes hangers;
  • cloth satchels filled with aromatic dried herbs like lavender, rosemary, cloves, or thyme.

Seven: Use Garment Bags
Garment bags help protect your dry cleaned winter wardrobe such as leather and fur jackets from the elements.

Eight: Never Use Plastic or Cardboard Packaging
Your clothes need to breathe. Plastic bags, plastic bins, cardboard boxes— trap moisture resulting in mold, mildew, insects, and yellowing. The best storage container for your seasonal clothing is made of either linen or cotton.

Nine: Label Bins Accordingly
Label all your items, this will keep things organized so that when you need to access your items it will be easy to find what you need. 

Ten: Research for the Best Storage Facility

  • The best storage centers have someone there with surveillance cameras and their units are super clean and dry. 
  • Look for a storage facility that is conveniently located near your home or office.
  • Check out the reviews from past tenants.. 

Questions? Give us a call and we will help you find the right storage solution to meet your needs.

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