Top Ten Super Smart Self StorageTips

Follow the self storage tips provided to ensure you maximize your space before placing items in storage.  

Thinking about decluttering or downsizing your home?

Short or long term, self storage is a super smart solution to store your valuables to free up space at home or while transitioning from one place to another.


One.  Don’t wait last minute, plan ahead when searching for a storage facility. 

Essentially selecting a storage facility gets down to the size, price and convenience. Not all storage centers are equal. Beyond cost, consider how convenient the location is and whether or not you can drive up to your unit or have to use an elevator. Don’t compromise your needs, start early and have a plan in place. 

Two. Inventory everything you plan on placing in storage. 

Taking an inventory helps determine the size unit you’ll need as well as mapping out what will be stored where in the unit. Being organized makes accessing items quick and easy.  

Need help? Contact the facility for advice and or access the storage guide to determine the best unit for your needs.

Three. Label your boxes. 

No matter how well you pack each box, you’ll be hard pressed to remember what box has that one thing you suddenly need from your storage unit. 

Labeling your boxes makes the accessing and unpacking super easy. Be sure to label the front and side of each box with details on what is in the box. That way you won’t have to open up several boxes to get what you need. 

Four. Pack strategically. 

You never know what or when you’ll need something from storage. Map it all out first so that everything is  organized  so that you can access what you need with ease.

  • Store items you’re likely to need toward the front of the unit, and place other things towards the back.
  • Think vertically. Add shelves or simply make use of the unit’s space by stacking boxes. Just be sure to place the heavier boxes ground level and lighter boxes on top.  
  • Create an aisle from the front of the unit to get to any item needed with ease. 
  • Always place your boxes with the labels facing out towards the aisle, that way you can identify which box has what you’re looking for. 

Five. Pack items so that they are well protected.

Take the time to carefully pack up your valuables to prevent belongings being damaged during the move or while in storage. Boxes stacked on top of each other, moving boxes around and un-packing boxes to find what you need can increase the likelihood of breaking something. 

Don’t take any chances.:

  • Pack your fragile items with bubble wrap to ensure they’re still intact when you want to use them.
  • Boxes should be packed tight so nothing can shift around when moving boxes. This helps protect your valuables from damage. 
  • Use blankets to move and store furniture, never use plastic, which can trap moisture, resulting in mildew and mold.
  • Use dryer sheets to repel insects from destroying your valuables, that way everything stays fresh. Be sure to replace sheets every month, while at your unit you can ensure everything else is safe and secure. 

Six. Use the entire storage space.   

Whenever possible, disassemble items prior to storing them away. Follow the storage instructions for any of your belongings. Be sure to wrap any loose pieces together and keep all screws, etc. in a bag taped to the item.

By disassembling valuables,it makes them easier to transport, less susceptible to damage, easier to store, and take up less storage space. Saving space means you can use a smaller storage unit and that also saves you money. 

Seven. Make sure everything is completely dry prior to placing it in storage.

Don’t place anything in storage unless it is completely dry. That includes dishwashers, refrigerators, lawn mowers, motorcycles, bedding, sweaters and everything else. 

  • Store valuables in plastic containers to keep moisture out and protect fragile items at the same time. 
  • Sealed vacuum bags are also an excellent way to store drapes, blankets, bedding, and pillows. That way all your valuables will stay dry. 

Eight.  Never store perishables in self storage. 

Nothing that can spoil should ever be placed in self storage. That includes plants. Doing so only invites perishables to rot, and even worse attracts insects, rodents and wildlife. 

Nine. Purchase insurance to protect your valuables while in storage. 

Upgrade your renters or homeowners insurance policy to cover personal property in storage. Additional coverage is very inexpensive and provides you with peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected from theft or damage. 

Ten. Don’t store anything super valuable. 

Many items you own are valuable and are perfectly safe in a self storage unit. That said, a safe deposit box is recommended for very valuable items such as family heirlooms, jewelry or priceless works of art. Rule of thumb is that if you can’t afford to lose it, then don’t place it in self storage. 

Storage units are available in a wide range of sizes, and there is never a contract or fee. Short term or long term, self storage is a great solution to make more space at home. 

Need help picking out a unit or not sure what to place into storage. Give us a call. We’re here to help. 

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