Stowing holiday decorations. Do it right.

1. Organize Holiday Items 

As you pack up your holiday decorations sort them into categories based on indoor, outdoor, items for the tree, for the staircase etc. 

2. Inventory Your Items

After you’ve sorted and organized your items take an inventory of your belongings. Check that items are in good working condition before packing them back into a box or plastic container. 

Take extra care to check fragile items such as:

  • Christmas lights
  • Ornaments
  • Dishware
  • Photo Frames

If they are damaged, it’s best to let go of these items, unless they have sentimental value to you. 

3. Carefully Pack Fragile Decorations 

Taking special care with heirlooms and other traditional items like the menorah and glass decorations. Bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts for larger items (like artificial Christmas trees or Hanukkah decorations). Secure glass pack containers and dish saver kits to properly store these fragile items. 

  • Artificial trees should be placed in canvas or heavy-duty plastic storage bags with sturdy handles containing all of the parts in the same bag.
  • Use divided bins for storing holiday ornaments and consider smaller containers for the more delicate or sentimental ones, wrapped individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap.
  • Decorations and nativity sets can be wrapped in plain tissue paper and stored in plastic tubs.
  • Smaller ornaments can go in egg cartons. 
  • Holiday wrapping paper should go in a lidded storage bin where it can lay flat. These simple steps will protect your items and memories for years to come.
  • Choose storage containers that will maintain the shape of your wreaths, such as a plastic bin or large cardboard box.
  • Wrap holiday lights around a cylinder such as cardboard tubing or wrap lights around a hanger.
  • Stack your wrapped cylinders of lights in a large box, bag, or container for next year.
  • Hang your holiday linens on a thick plastic or wooden hanger and cover them with a garment bag.

4. Store Items Appropriately

Once you have packed your decorations and other seasonal items, store your items so that you can easily find each box according to when you will need it. 

5. Rent a storage unit

  • Storing all your holiday decorations in a storage unit is an easy and affordable solution. 
  • You’ll have all your decorations in one spot so you’re all set when the holiday season rolls around again.
  • Other seasonal items, such as summer sports equipment and patio furniture can also be stored to free up space in your home. ,

Still need more space? 

For many of us, there just isn’t enough available space in our home for everything we own. Self storage eliminates the need to move to a larger apartment or opt for an expensive office lease. 

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